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Unboxing The All New REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner + My First Impression

Realash Unboxing 1
If I start to talk about my pathetic eyelashes and eyebrows, girl…it would take 3 days 3 nights. I am not blessed with fluffy lashes and bushy brows #typicalasian so a little help is very much appreciated. Last week one very interesting parcel arrived my doorstep. I have heard so much about REALASH Eyelash Enhancer previously and how effective it is. Now I get to try it for 30 days straight before penning down my review for you 😀

The actual box comes in a larger brown carton box as a protection so my REALASH box arrived without a single dent. Brilliant! You know how OCD I can be 😛 . I thought I am only getting the all-NEW Eyelash Enhancer but voila! REALASH Malaysia also include a Brow Conditioner in the parcel. Double happiness as my brows needed immediate SOS rescue. The theme that REALASH went with is the color Mint. Mint always stand out from the rest due to its easy to spot color and according to REALASH, it is very much based on lifestyle such as fashion, holiday, food, art, music and many more. The box is so pretty! The holographic design on the front reflects the colour Mint but it is also hard to photograph lol. On the inside, both products are carefully wrapped in REALASH signature tissue paper and lastly secured with a ribbon.

Realash Unboxing 4
Here are the goodies, which I will try for the next 30 days before reporting back with a proper review.

Realash Unboxing 5
Packaging wise, I like how REALASH keep everything clean, simple, with a hint of Mint and also keeping the product tube sleek. Easily to throw it in the handbag I say!

Realash Unboxing 2

Realash Unboxing 6


My first impression

You know me. I cannot wait to try anything new. As soon as I took out the products from the box, I applied REALASH Eyelash Enhancer (RM190 / 3ml) on my clean lashes immediately. I have seen Youtuber Shaaanxo applying eyelash enhancer product on her lashes while doing her makeup. I am not sure if I would want to apply this Eyelash Enhancer after my foundation though. It is perfectly fine to apply it while doing the skincare routine. I have tried numerous other similar products before and they are one sticky gel. This one from REALASH comes in a clear gel, scentless and surprisingly not even a bit sticky at all. When I blink, there was no residue stuck in between my lashes. Thumbs up! I was also expecting some tingling sensation as some products do but nil 🙂

Realash Eyelash Enhancer First Impression
REALASH Brow Conditioner (RM170 / 4ml) on the other hand excited me as well. I used to use one product for both lashes and brows. Never a separate one. This one also comes in a clear, scentless gel. It took a while to absorbed in due to the brow hair but it is perfectly fine for me. I thought the first time I sense some light tingling sensation. I tried it for the second time and there was no tingling. I must be dreaming lol.

Realash Brow Conditioner First Impression
Anyway, that is my first impression. So far I am liking both product’s texture and that it does not comes with any scent. I will be reporting back with a proper full review after 30 days. Keep your eyes on my updates 😉 . Meanwhile you may be interested with REALASH backstage video on the making of the new REALASH promo video

For more information on REALASH and to make a purchase, please visit REALASH Malaysia Website and Facebook Page.


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