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Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products

Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products 1
Do you? Because I do. I GET VERY PARANOID.

I don’t know what it is but last time I used to buy buy buy, get get get and I like it. I don’t feel suffocated or paranoid about expiry date at all because I know I will get through it since I use so much product on day to day basis. But since last year, I changed unknowingly. I started to get very paranoid with how much stuff I have – used and unused.

It has gotten out of hand that I have to buy a 6-tier shoe cabinet to store my “stock pile”. My home Sephora as I name it. And I have a FIFO (first in first out) system for my stock pile too! For the first month everything was good, then it gotten out of hand very quickly. Even my cabinet is weighing down at the middle now lol. Mind you all this happened even when I have always been very selective with the events and engagement I agree on.

Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products 2
Used skincare wise, I am doing pretty good. I have a strict rule of only to open a new one when I have gone through the existing product. I also reject skincare product review, sponsored or not sponsored when I feel that I can’t justify opening another new product only to stress about it later. I know other bloggers don’t care but I do. I have always believe that we should not waste, especially beauty products. Especially skincare!

But I can’t say the same with unused skincare. I have so much! So much so that I have to really be selective with skincare launches. I have to consider if the brand or range suits me and if I want it. Otherwise, I don’t go. Unless I have been confined in the house for a few days and I get to see a bunch of my blogger friends, that is when you will see me lol.

Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products 3
Used makeup wise, errrr…this one I failed tremendously. I have the tendency to “open up a new product” to use whenever I feel like going to Sephora to shop. In order to curb my Sephora shopping addiction, I turned to my own stash. Most of the time I have to keep reminding myself that I have a Sephora at home. STOP SHOPPING! 😀

Having said that, I have no regrets with opening up a new makeup products. This way I get to clear my stock pile faster and I get to save money for not shopping at Sephora. And sometimes, just sometimes the temptation is too strong, I will go for drugstore new product hunting. It is my favourite thing to do these days. I like to bring you around (I meant Insta Stories) whenever I go to Guardian or Watsons to look for new products. Once a while I find hidden gem or markdown or new releases. Sometimes I went home with disappointment. You know how it is. Drugstore brand don’t do launches like the higher end brand so who the heck will know if there is any new products unless we go to look for it, right?

Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products 4
I remember someone once sarcastically teased me on Instagram direct message saying that I don’t have as much new makeup products as I do with skincare. True. BUT, I do have four large Sephora gift box full with new makeup products. Of course it is not as much as skincare from the look of it because skincare bottles are blindly bigger than makeup products. If you need to see equally same width and height of stock pile then that would mean I have lesser skincare. And I bet she have lesser than me 😛

Enough rambling already. So, based on my casual chat with numerous friends and bloggers, they feel fine. They don’t feel paranoid of having so many products used or unused around them. I know one or two bloggers who will get paranoid when she discovered the expiry date is in a few months time lol. I know because I usually get phone calls with the other party screaming “die la die la” on the phone.

What do you think? Are you a beauty hoarder as well? I have been allocating some of my stock pile out for #IWillBeOkay Beauty Fund Raising. Even that also I don’t see my mini Sephora getting emptier.


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  • I used to have way too many skincare or body care products when I worked with a major beauty brand and I didn’t realize I had so many that it lasted me for 3-4 years even after I stopped working for them. During this period of time, I stopped visiting shops, pharmacies, counters to check out new items so I could not get my hands on them. It was painful to curb the temption. I managed to downsize my stash by a great amount to just one medium sized IKEA storage box. Good thing is, I’m only obsessed with skin/body care, not so much with makeup.

    I mostly have a couple of similar products on rotation until I finish using them and will open new products. And I always check before I buy new stuff. Just like you, I do have a name for my stash. It’s called “cash stash” because that’s where all my cash goes. Hahaha

    • Hahahaha cash stash! So cute!

      When you worked with a major beauty brand, understandably you will ended up with more and more products. I am into makeup and skincare, now expanded to fragrance and body care. Especially body care. I stopped buying like how I used to do. Two reasons – I no longer have the kind of income I used to and I have too much at home, which I am thankful for everyday that I’m blessed with brands giving me products or having me at their events. What I have at home can easily last me for years. Now I even stop going to events LOL. There’s no more room 🙁


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