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Review: Plastic Surgery No More! Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 is Indeed the Miracle Wrinkle Cream

Avon launches a miracle wrinkle cream that has taken the beauty world by storm thanks to all the buzz from U.S. It is reported that the cream sold out within 6 hours on the launch day itself in the UK and 62,000 are said to have already signed up for it on waiting lists. So what is so special about this £20 wrinkle cream from Avon? This highly raved and deemed as the industry first powerful molecule is said to stop women from going under the knife.

I was lucky enough to be one of the owner for the 100 bottles that was available before the product is out in the market. After a quick skin analysis by Avon during the launch I found out that I don’t really have fine lines or wrinkle so my mum tested out the product for me. It has been a month since Mummy Loh started on A-F33. Now that she had finished the bottle, it’s time for a review.

The bottle is in shiny silver, simple but with moderate size that fits on the palm nicely. And of course this type of reflective surface will attract fingerprint on the bottle. The bottle is opaque to preserve the cream and all the goodness from deteriorating.

The pump system works wonderfully. Mum had no problem pumping out sufficient amount for daily use.

Avon Event

The Launch of Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 – The Quantum Leap in Wrinkle Reduction

Last week I attended the launch of the Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment A-F33 which was highly raved and deemed as the industry first powerful molecule that is not yet available even to dermatologists which was held at The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel.

Now, before I start talking about the launch and a little bit about this “miracle wrinkle cream”…let me intrigue you a bit. Thanks to buzz from the U.S., this cream sold out within 6 hours on the launch day itself in the UK and 62,000 are said to have already signed up for it on waiting lists. This cream is said to stop women from going under the knife and why would they still want to with this Avon’s £20 wrinkle cream?

As soon as I reached I registered myself and I was told to put on a white lab coat before entering the event area. Once I was in I was brought to the skin analysis area so that I can get a complimentary skin check which I was quite happy with. You can read about it here.

After that I settle down at a seat nearby the stage and the event start soon after that with Aishah Sinclair, TV Personality as the host. The event area was decorated in a laboratory setting and there was large lab tables and chair for us to be at to run some “test” :). Love the concept of the launch.

Avon Random Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis – How Accurate Are They?

I notice that recently when there’s a skin care launch there is definitely a skin analysis corner for the guests. Whilst everyone storm to that corner I usually avoid them. I wouldn’t want to know the real truth about my skin that I didn’t know. It’s quite like getting a full body check up ya know?

I had my first skin analysis with Lancôme during the launch of Blanc Expert Derm-CrystalTM. I was so ready to buy a bottle that day but it turns out I don’t need it! I found out that I don’t have pigmentation outside and inside. Yeah the skin analysis saved my wallet that day. My second skin analysis was with Kanebo during the Kanebo + Vanity Trove Sense of Beauty event. Although it was quite high tech but I find that it’s not as accurate as I think it is. For example the machine are placed on the oiliest area on my face i.e. T-zone and then I was told I am oily skin. Another example is to place the machine at the inner corner of my cheek where the largest pores are at and I was told I had large pores thus a certain product was introduced to me. Pretty obvious right?

A few days ago I went for Avon Anew A-F33 launch and there’s a skin analysis corner. I went for it cause it looked reliable and simple. I was pretty happy about it although it’s not as high tech as SK-II or Kanebo one. The machine was placed at numerous areas on my face covering every single bit of it. So I get a larger view and idea on how my skin is instead of just focusing on the bad side of my skin. Here’s my face chart.


Avon Event

The Launch of ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick From Avon

Nothing surpasses the lustre of beautiful pearls. Its timeless attribute makes it the perfect accessory for any event. Cherished and passed down through generations, a pearl’s lustre lives on. Now, give lips the timeless treatment with AVON’s new ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick.

Yesterday I was invited by Kelly of Miss Sunshine to attend the launch of Avon’s latest lipstick collection; ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick which was held at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Rane, Jacinta and Evelyn was there too. We were all asked to dress in white but a full white dress is so hard to find. Although I have one but I needed more dress for work so I went for a last minute shopping. I was lucky that I managed to find a piece that I really like.

The theme of the launch is Brilliance Ocean of Beauty. There were a beach backdrop at the lounge area for everyone to take a polaroid photo. Here is our group photo.

* Photo taken from Jacinta as the one in my camera was blur

It was a hot spot that afternoon as everyone wanted to take a memorable picture home. Not long after that we adjourned inside the event hall for the launch.