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The Launch of ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick From Avon

Nothing surpasses the lustre of beautiful pearls. Its timeless attribute makes it the perfect accessory for any event. Cherished and passed down through generations, a pearl’s lustre lives on. Now, give lips the timeless treatment with AVON’s new ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick.

Yesterday I was invited by Kelly of Miss Sunshine to attend the launch of Avon’s latest lipstick collection; ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick which was held at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Rane, Jacinta and Evelyn was there too. We were all asked to dress in white but a full white dress is so hard to find. Although I have one but I needed more dress for work so I went for a last minute shopping. I was lucky that I managed to find a piece that I really like.

The theme of the launch is Brilliance Ocean of Beauty. There were a beach backdrop at the lounge area for everyone to take a polaroid photo. Here is our group photo.

* Photo taken from Jacinta as the one in my camera was blur

It was a hot spot that afternoon as everyone wanted to take a memorable picture home. Not long after that we adjourned inside the event hall for the launch.

This 2012, Avon which is the No. 1 makeup company uses the latest in global fashion trends to create the most innovative luxury lipstick. Avon scientists created a creamy, rich lipstick formula infused with prismatic pearl pigments for a unique, rich coverage that shines bright in any angles seen…all from it’s leading R&D Centre in Suffern New York. These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor-made for you. Best of all, it gives up to 125% more shine than your normal Ultra Color Rich lipsticks!

On our table laid varieties of makeup including eyeshadow palettes, blusher, powder foundation, mascara and eyeliner for us to see, touch and swatch. But wait…where’s the lipstick? Haaaa we’re also wondering the same thing!  🙂

Let’s take a up close look at True Color Eyeshadow Quad (RM23.90). Which one is your favorite? I like the far right one.

I’m very much into powder foundation but I forgot what is the name of this! Opps. Will update accordingly later ya.

Shell full with mascaras, lip liners and eyeliners.

Look who I spotted. If you’re not aware, Neelofa is Avon’s Makeup Ambassador. I found out 2 weeks ago when I was randomly googling who is Avon’s ambassador. Neelofa has been a friend to OhBulan.com where I worked. What a coincident. I was happy to know that Neelofa is also with Avon Malaysia.

Elaine Aisyah; PR Manager of Avon Malaysia is the emcee for the day.

Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director of Avon Malaysia gave a speech not long after the ceremony started.

We were then fascinated with harp music performance. A perfect match for the theme of the launch.

Followed by a dance performance where the dancers graced their way to the stage. Kinda hard to capture their performance as they’re gracefully fast! (if there’s such a word lol).

Carolyn Nur Amira Lee and Neelofa officiate the launch right after the dance performance whereas the dancer placed both hands onto the globe.

As I was near the giant clamp below the stage, I went over to check out the new ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick. A total of 8 shades was launched on the same day.

Brilliance Lipstick is the first lipstick with Honey White Clover and Almond Extracts, agents of intense moisture retention. That, coupled with moisturizing benefits of multi-vitamins will surely transform even the most ordinary peckers into extremely luscious lips!

The shades from the collection are Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise.

The ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick comes in a hot pink packaging with unique quilted engravings on the stick for a truly luxuriously pampering feel.

After everyone settled down there’s a makeup demonstration on the stage.

Each table is presented with a full set of the new lipstick collection for us to swatch and try on. I love the shiny hot pink casing.

Each lipstick is engraved with quilt pattern. I couldn’t find a shade that I dislike from the new 8 shades. Just take a look at all the colors below. Each and every one of it is my favorite color!

Avon is so thoughtful that they include a Lip Tips Education Chart for our reference. Useful and informative at one glance 🙂

Rane and Jacinta trying on the makeup which is available on our table.

I on the other hand tried on the new ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick. Take a guess which color I chose.

It looked red due to the lighting but it’s not. I choose a shade that I like a lot but seldom use nowadays (too hooked up with red lately hehe).

Alright. The shade I choose is F402 Sienna Sparkle! It’s more of a brown but because it’s so pigmented, creamy and not forgetting infused with prismatic pearl pigments…the shade looked like intense red on my lips.

Each of us were given a generous present to take home beside the door gift. You’ve seen a lot of hamper but have you seen a lipstick hamper before? This is my first time too! So happy that I get all 8 shades from ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick collection. There’s also a pearl necklace included as well 🙂

ULTRA COLOR RICH Brilliance Lipstick is priced at RM27.90 while Sabah & Sarawak would be RM32.10 and is available at AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide or from your local Avon Dealer.

For inquiries, please call AVON toll-free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866), or if you’re on the net, check out Avon Malaysia’s website at http://www.my.avon.com


Thank you Avon Malaysia for inviting and hugs to Kelly for extending the invite to me. Thanks again Kelly!


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  • wow, Avon’s rich briliance F402 sienna sparkle looks good on you. nice pics 🙂

    • I like that brown! Creamy and shiny 🙂

      Thanks Kelly 😉


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