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Simple Tip to Prevent Accessories Crystal Fall-Out

How many of you love those earrings, hair clips, rings or bracelets that have lots of crystal diamante on it? I do! And how many of you just toss them away when one or two crystal on it is missing?

I have a simple and easy solution that I’ve been using since a few years ago which I discovered when I was shopping for some hair accessories. I fell in love with a hair clip but decided not to buy it as the tiny crystal on it will fall out after one or two wearing. That’s when the sales person told me the secret. God bless her.


So. Recent I bought a few pairs of earrings and one significant pair is full with tiny crystal and pearls. When I was still deciding to buy the earring, I already saw 2 pairs with fallen crystal. As it was the last 2 pairs available and I wanted it badly, I just take 1 side each which is still in good condition from the 2 pairs and voilà! The pair that I bought is actually a combination of the 2 pairs (hope I don’t confuse you).

What is the lil secret that I was taught a few years ago? The answer lies in the below picture.


More Earrings from PARK avenue

 After the recent 2 pairs of earring purchased for Chinese New Year, I returned to Park Avenue for more.

The original price are Diamante Star RM23.90, Pink leave RM23.90, Colorful butterfly RM33.90 and Square Diamond RM19.90. The sales period had ended at that time however they extended the 20% discount to all Bonuslink card member so all my earrings are eligible for a 20% discount!

Earrings PARK Avenue

Gorgeous Earrings from PARK avenue

I got myself 2 brand new earrings on CNY eve when I was browsing at Parkson. Who would have thought there’s nice earrings in Parkson huh.

My purchase was stored in a nice box before proceeding to the cashier counter.


I fell in love with the tri-color earrings and as usual I couldn’t go off with just 1 pair so I searched around for more. Not knowing what is the material or where is it from, I decided to settled with 2 pairs. According to the SA the material is cooper and it’s imported from Korea. Not sure the authenticity of the claim I think it’s better I try two first and go back for more if there’s no allergy.


Handmade Earrings from TLH

I’ve been aching for retail therapy and custom jewelry especially ring is where I normally turn to.

I found this fantastic website selling handmade jewelry and I couldn’t resist these handmade glass earrings.

I bought the puppies earring for myself and I gotten the kitties earring for Meem, my colleague.

Unfortunately the earring was squashed and the seller resend another set although I rejected her kindness earlier. I place a remake order for 2 glass ring and transfered extra RM10 to cover some of the cost for the compensation earrings which was sent earlier.