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Hollywood’s backstage secret – GLAMGLOW Youthmud and GLAMGLOW Supermud changed the way I look at mud mask treatment altogether (Part 1)

You know how Hollywood celebrities get an instant camera ready skin in just 10-minutes? Well, I have no idea at all until I get to know GLAMGLOW upclose a few weeks ago when I spot the brand on shelf at Sephora KLCC. I also found out that all American Idol contestants and even Dancing With The Stars contestants is using GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment backstage before going on stage. You have no idea how huge GLAMGLOW is in the States. It’s a big thing there. Aren’t we glad that we can now get our hands on the highly raved GLAMGLOW here in Malaysia eh?

I’ve tried, tested and used all three GLAMGLOW Youthmud, GLAMGLOW Supermud and GLAMGLOW Brightmud for a good one month now. Let me warn you ahead that this review post is going to be picture heavy (because I need to show you how awesome it is) and words heavy. I’ll try to talk less so that it is easier for you. Just make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before you start reading on 🙂

GlamGlow 7
Oh and something unexpected happened. I was whisked to an exclusive media preview event just one month ago. I’ve actually booked myself three media event for that particular day and I was glad to make it for this GLAMGLOW preview event early morning. I didn’t realize that I’ll be meeting both the Co-Founders and CEO’s of GLAMGLOW. I’ve only seen their pictures on the product pamphlet and website so imagine my surprise when I get to meet Glenn and Shannon Dellimore face to face. I was like “hey, that’s Glenn and Shannon from GLAMGLOW website” 😀 . Website because I vividly remember about them after reading from GLAMGLOW website.


Beauty News: GLAMGLOW® – Hollywood’s Backstage Secret For Instant Camera Ready Skin is Now Available at Sephora

Today’s Beauty News update is different. I’m not sure if you are aware, I started a new section “Beauty News” recently for the blog. The idea came along after considering the fact that all the press releases that was emailed to me will be wasted if I ignored it thus came Beauty News. Beauty News is mainly news on what’s happening in the beauty world based on press release. This is the only time that I will be forgiven for copying press release 😀 . Well, not copying all but partially 😉 I said earlier that this GLAMGLOW® news update is different because I went to Sephora to take some photos and product pamplet, not news from press release. I don’t usually take product photo in Sephora this openly as there’s BAs and guards everywhere. I get to do this today all thanks to GLAMGLOW® Product Manager and Beauty Trainer who happen to be there for an in-house event.

GlamGlow 1
GLAMGLOW® product is like one of the highly raved mud mask by everyone around the globe. I’ve heard it quite some time ago and I still couldn’t believe that it’s here in Malaysia. There’s no direct news that this will hit Malaysia. The next thing I know, BOOM. It’s in Sephora.