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Review: Turning to Himalaya Under Eye Cream – a Natural, Effective and Safe Product as My First Attempt in Combating Dark Eye Circle

Growing up, I have a sleeping schedule. I will go to bed on specific time and I must have a minimum of 8-hours beauty sleep. I also have a habit of switching my phone off by 9.30am and the phone was also set to restart itself by 7.30am. I need to rest and so does my phone 😀 . Maybe due to my sleeping behaviour, I don’t have dark eye circle and I never understand how does it feel like to have dark eye circle concern nor do I understand why most girls freak out and make screeching complain on their panda eyes.

Ever since I started blogging, that’s when I started to stay up late. I will only sleep at 1.30am and wake up by 5am every day. Oh and my phone? Let’s just say I jump onto my bed by 12.30am and started to fiddling my phone for at least an hour. No explanation needed on what happen next. I’m constantly on the look out for a concealer and that alone said something about my dark eye circle!

Himalaya Under Eye Cream 1
Yes. I have dark eye circle now. I refuse to accept the fact that I HAVE DARK EYE CIRCLE now and it shows under my makeup. At first I started to cover up with concealer but that was just a temporary solution. I needed something to combat it so I started to change my eye cream.

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Winner Announcement: Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream Giveaway

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream Winner Announcement
Usually I don’t do giveaway winner announcement blog post like this but I have a very good reason to put up one today. Not sure if you girls remember that I had a giveaway for Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream middle of last month. Just a few days before the giveaway ended, I was contacted by Himalaya Malaysia that they are surprised to read that I went and bought Nourishing Skin Cream with my own money so the kind folks at Himalaya decided to sponsor me half of the prize and topping it up with 20 pieces of special price voucher! That’s the reason for the delay with winner announcement 🙂

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Contest Giveaway Himalaya Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Hydrating

Review: Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream, My Current Favorite Moisturizer + A Little Something Something For My Dear Readers!

For someone that have unstable skin condition like mine will need to change daily moisturizer constantly. There are times where my skin are dry, peeling but oily at the same time and there are times where my skin are just purely oily. To be honest with you I’m a bit addicted in opening up those jars of moisturizer from my stash.

Just to update you a bit on my skin before Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream came along. A few months ago I was having a hard time with the oiliness on my face. My makeup melted frequent, I blot so many times in a day…everything is just too oily for me. I figure that my skin has reached it’s peak whereas I used too much skin care and that I don’t need that much anymore. So I cut down on my serum. From 3-serum to just one and then moisturizer. It was working out great but later on my skin was back to oily. But I was depressed because I love layering my skin care. How am I going to finish my stash?? One day, someone (I forgot who oppss!) told me that it could be that my skin is too dry. She advised me to use moisturizer, although I told her I did use. Maybe not enough 😀

So, I re-look back into my skin care regime and change my moisturizer. To creamier one. The only one I have is Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream and it has been staring at me for months!

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream6
There is nothing to shout about on the packaging. I got to admit. It’s not attractive, it’s not screaming “USE ME NOW”, in fact it looked like some Middle Eastern company produced it LOL. The brand name on the other hand doesn’t sound Eastern so it really looked a bit dodgy.

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Introducing Clear Complexion Whitening Range from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare – The All Herbal and Natural Whitening Range

While Americans want to be tan, we Asians on the other hand wants to be fair. Not sure if you notice this but whitening products is specifically produce and only made available to Asia countries. This is what “Asia exclusive” is about.

The weather here in Malaysia has been blazing hot that causes pigmentation to certain people. Not only that, the increase in age has cause most people to go through pigmentation as well. The quest to find the best whitening product is never ending. Although I don’t have pigmentation on the skin surface, I still feel that it is best for me to prevent the hidden ones from surfacing. Remember, prevention is always better than cure 😀

A few weeks ago I was invited for an intimate get-together at Himalaya office to learn about the brand and also to get a sneak peek of the new Whitening Range.