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Body - Fragrance Jimmy Choo Review: Bath / Body

Review: Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum

Sometime early March I purchased 3 copies of Malaysia Tatler with Jimmy Choo EDT and EDP 4.5ml miniature freebies. Read here. Each magazine comes with 2 miniature and I ended up with 6 bottles! With that lot on hand I’ve been using EDP everyday for the past 1 month. There’s a reason why I choose EDP because of all 6 bottles there’s this bottle with visible lesser content and it’s an EDP!

All I can say is I love this fragrance!

Jimmy Choo Parfum expresses an aura of strength and beauty and has a dazzling aura of glittering femininity.

Glamorous in attitude, confident, intelligent and with a sense of fashion and fun, the fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. It’s a fragrance inspired by modern women – strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive and alluring with a hidden and mysterious sense of confident sexuality.

Scent description:-
Imagine femininity, luxury and style…bottled. Introducing Jimmy Choo, the fragrance. A modern fruity chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. With luminous green top notes, an aura of rich exotic Tiger Orchid and base notes of sweet toffee meld with Indonisian patchouli.

If you are into womanly scent, this is the one for you. It’s not too loud and not too sheer. This fragrance tones down to a soft floral fruity scent. I’m not into fruity perfume but this doesn’t irritate me at all. I feel luxurious dabbing this onto my wrist. One dab in the morning lasts me till night. Which is also another reason why I love this so much. This fragrance doesn’t give me headache at all.

As mine is a miniature it doesn’t comes with a spray. The opening is secured and stuffed with a plastic stopper. Although the bottle is made from glass (another plus point) I was unable to carry this in my handbag as dabbing on the go is kinda troublesome. But that wasn’t my concern as I’ll post up a tips at the end of the week on a simple solution for miniature perfume.

The fragrance note for Jimmy Choo EDP is as below:

Heart notes: Tiger Orchard
Top notes: Pear Nectar, Sweet Italian Orange
Base notes: Toffee, Indonesian Patchouli

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own

Body - Body Serum Clarins Review: Bath / Body

Review: Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum

Finally. First Clarins review for the Dragon year! Sorry that I’ve been missing lots of review. There’s just too many product and I didn’t know which one to start lol!!

In this review, I’m going to introduce you to my latest favourite from Clarins. It’s a “body serum” but I’m just gonna treat this as body lotion ya. I decided to do this first as there aren’t any review out there for this. Might as well beat the odds?

Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serums comes in a 200ml bottle. This is retailing at RM205 at all Clarins counters nationwide and skin spa. It is suitable for Normal, Dry, Combination and Oily skin type.

A concentrated, anti-wrinkle body serum that helps restore the smoothness, firmness and radiance of young-looking skin. The dual moisturising and cellular renewal action of Vitamin A and Water Lily extract encourages the elimination of dry, flaky cells—smoothing away roughness to leave skin soft, supple and bright. Moisturises all through the day and night.

Pre-Retinol : revives cellular renewal.
Water Lily extract (rich in Vitamin C) : softens skin and prevents signs of skin ageing.
Christophine extract and plant-based perhydrosqualene from Olive Tree : strengthen the moisturizing action.
Cashew Nut extract : evens skin tone.

What I love about the bottle besides the sturdy but yet squeezable bottle body is the top lid.

What you see in the dispense hole is sort of like a “stopper” to stop the fluid from flowing out of the bottle when we stop squeezing. I’ve never seen this type of lid except for Clarins. Brilliant!

The serum is in a light beige color fluid. It’s lighter than body lotion and absorbed very quickly.

As when I spread the serum, it started to spread out easily just like a face serum. It is non-greasy, smells wonderful and brings one to heaven during application.

Apply to dry skin morning and /or evening with light sweeping movements from the ankles to the waist, and then from arms to the décolleté. Use as an intensive, time-specific beauty treatment or year-round if needed.

The thing is.

I didn’t see any significant result which is why I mentioned at the beginning that I’m just going to treat this like any other body lotion. My skin however is indeed smoother and supple. The thing that I do love about this is the scent of the serum and it really last long. When I feel like I didn’t want to spritz on any body mist or perfume, I’d apply this generously. I felt luxurious applying this maybe because of the price and the fact that it does nothing besides giving a wonderful scent to the skin.

1) Smells great & last long.
2) Smooth skin making skin supple and soft.
3) Doesn’t have significant result.

No, unless this is under PWP, sales or best buy set.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Body - Foot Cream L'Occitane Review: Bath / Body

I Still Don’t Like L’Occitane Sales Peep & Service

The thing about karma is that when you said you hated someone, something or you said you will never ever buy something from someplace but you ended up with the person you hate or in my case buying from the place you hated the most? Yeah, I had that last Thursday. I guess Justin Bieber is right; Never Say Never.

Because I came home with this. Damn it.

I still don’t fancy L’Occitane.

I never do from start even till last Thursday. It all started with a Christmas game app by L’Occitane Malaysia Facebook back in December. The game app was having problem so I didn’t managed to do anything with it until I remembered about it last Thursday. It was the second last day before the game ended. So I decorated the Christmas tree (that’s what the game is) and I realised I could redeemed a 30ml foot cream! Just what I wanted. Been reading good reviews on that and because I sort of swear not to buy anything from them, I didn’t buy it. The free thing is just a scam. It’s given upon any purchase. I looked for any disclaimer or a * next to the word “any” and looked for the T&C but apparently there aren’t any. Yippy I thought. I could replenish the charity candle which I love love love.

The culprit e-voucher in my mailbox.

What the hell is wrong with L’Occitane sales people?? I don’t get it. Not only their face is without smile all the time, they treated customer as if they can’t afford to buy, they never give any suggestion, and if they do their expensive suggestion could go up to 500 bucks min. And if you decided what you wanna buy. . . they want you to buy the double of what you intended. If you didn’t, you get that black charcoal face again. What the fuck is wrong with them?? Gosh.

So I said I intended to replenish the scented candle from L’Occitane charity right? I wasn’t allowed to. They kept saying that is charity and it’s not considered sales. I argued back saying there’s no T&C stated and it only stated ANY PURCHASE from L’Occitane. Does the candle bear other name than L’Occitane? No right? Such a shitty arguement, service and explaination. In the ended I grabbed the foot cream which I didn’t intend to buy at all cause I never try before so I didn’t know if it’s really that good for my skin. I thought I could try the 30ml FOC tube first before getting the full size tube. Sigh. That 150ml tube cost me RM100. I know it’s not a lot but when you are buying for shitty people, even RM1 is not worth it.

So here I am. I have a 150ml full size tube for RM100 and 30ml tube which I got for free.

As much as I hate L’Occitane, I can’t deny that this foot cream is as good as it claimed. After all this is one of L’Occitane’s best seller. This foot cream contains only 15% shea butter. It’s a white cream which is more on the watery side. Something like a milk body lotion? And if compared to Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand therapy, this is definitely watery.

What I like about this foot cream is that it’s not oily and it absorb almost immediately. It has a slight lavender scent which is not overpowering. I mentioned in other post that I love Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream right? Now I’m liking this more than Clarins’. Oppss. Clarins one has a slight tingling sensation which could be a lil bit hurting for super dry skin like mine. This L’Occitane’s doesn’t have that and it’s really very comfortable to use. I can’t stop rubbing in the foot cream to my foot! Yes I’m addicted to this.

The sales girl asked if I would like to top up my purchase so that I can be a member. I said NO. I’m not interested to be your member. LOL!!

L’Occitane Malaysia, improve you sales people! They need to be less arrogant and be more friendly. They can’t even give me a sample for hand cream! Wtf!

Body - Body / Shower Scrub Review: Bath / Body The Body Shop

Review: The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub

After finishing Watsons H Bella Purify & Renew Body Polish which I received from Isn’t Life Great official launch event, my next choice of body scrub is actually Crabtree & Evelyn’s but unfortunately they’re not having any sales at the moment so I decided to try something cheaper.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub is a 200ml jar and it’s suitable for Normal / Dry Skin. It’s retailing at RM59.90.

I sniffed all of the body scrubs available and finally settled with Olive as I always believe Olive is good for the skin. On first sniff it smelled terrible for me. I thought it smelled alcohol-like lol.

The scrub contain ground olive stones, rice granules and crushed walnut shells for gentle exfoliation which could be harsh on some people so if you have super delicate skin or you don’t like original scrub, you might not like this. For me I love this as scrub are meant to be that way. It also contain organic olive oil that helps to condition the skin and sunflower seed oil which moisturises and helps to soften the skin. But this is a cream-based body scrub so your skin will feel soft and smooth at the same time!

This is how the scrub looks like before spreading.

And after spreading the scrub out, I can clearly see the ground olive stones, rice granules and crushed walnut shells (especially walnut shells). It smelled good too.

It might take some time to get the scrub off your skin as it’s quite thick. Or maybe I applied too thick eh? Oh well. Look at how soft my skin is after the scrub.

I use this once every 2 days. I thought I’d be disappointed with this body scrub but turns out I like it very much.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.