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Review: Will Mentholatum Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lipbalm be a good alternative as a 2-in-1 lipbalm and lipstick?

Generally a lipstick that comes with a core of lip balm in the middle are more sheerer. It provides a decent moisture and color for the lips. That’s what I was hoping for from the latest Mentholatum Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lipbalm.

I think throughout my whole life I have only bought and used one tinted lip balm before. It was during high school time. It is no doubt tinted lip balm has quickly become popular as not many people are into lipstick or lip gloss. Lip balm as we all know is colorless. It can be used under lipstick/lip gloss or over it. Tinted lip balm however is the most convenient product to use of all time. Not only it keeps your lips moisturise but it also ccontains subtle pigments that enhances the lips’ natural color. You ended up looking more livelier, even without makeup on 😀

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Mentholatum Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lipbalm is imported directly from Japan. This new product comes with SPF20 PA+++ and formulated with super hydrating ingredients such as 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid namely Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Hyaluronic Acid & Super Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera extracts, Collagen and Honey. These ingredients work hand in hand to replenish and retain moisture as well as to increase the elasticity of your lips.

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Review: Lip Balm Market Leader Mentholatum Now Comes With New Variant – Maxilip Anti-Ageing Caviar and Lip Pure Orange

There is practically no one I know that doesn’t use lip balm. Not all are into applying lipstick or lip gloss but lip balm? It’s easily accepted by all level of people. Regardless the ladies or the gents, everyone need or use lip balm. Why I say so? My guy friends shocked me sometimes by telling me that they want me to follow them to buy lip balm! Yes, even the gents are getting more and more conscious with their lips. Ladies…if you are lazy to even take care of your lips, you better start now. The gents are catching up. Real fast.

Mentholatum have a wide varieties of lip balm under their umbrella. That doesn’t stop them from coming out with new, better and improved version of lip balm to the market. The market and demand for lip balm is increasing day by day. With everyone’s different preference it is no doubt that each and every Mentholatum lip balm are catering to different people.

The new variant of Mentholatum lip balm is actually not new new but it’s new flavor additional to the current existing range. These two new variant that I’m talking about is Maxilip Anti-Ageing Lip Balm #Caviar and Lip Pure Lip Balm #Orange.

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Review: Kiss Fresh and Kiss-Perfect with EVE LOM Kiss Mix

Today I’m going to revamp and repost one of my previous review on EVE Lom Kiss Mix which was originally posted on 8th October 2012.

I’ve always wanted to retake picture for Kiss Mix but only managed to do it now. Perhaps we can move towards the end of the week with something cute. EVE LOM Kiss Mix is still my current favorite item and I couldn’t stop dabbing it on my lips. Although this lip balm is a cutie, it is extremely hard to photograph!

EVE LOM Kiss Mix is a lip balm in a pot in short. I don’t know about you but I love EVE LOM packaging very much. It’s simple, clean but luxurious looking. Rip open the plastic protector on the outside of the box, open the box and I find a thin corrugated protector box inside. On the inside of the actual box is where I find the brand EVE LOM printed all over. Cute.

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Review: You Need Tebe Lip Balm to Treat Your Dry Lips

Usually when a sales person try to sell me something I’d just give a meh and move away from the topic. Being in the sales line for some time actually taught me how to be a smart shopper too. I do get it that all brand said their product is good. I really do but I can’t be buying everything right? Just need to get what I needed. When I dropped by Olive & Tebe counter at Metrojaya Mid Valley 2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a few of their star products. One thing that I really like about Olive & Tebe is that their range of product is not that huge. Lesser means easy decision making for me when I shop at their counter. They only have one each of what you need for face and body for Olive range and the same goes to Tebe.

If you do drop by Olive & Tebe counter, one product that is highly recommended by the BA is their Lip Balm. There’s a lip balm in Olive range which is recommended for younger user and of course for me I’m recommended Tebe Lip Balm which has extra function. I’ll tell you what is it later on.

Tebe Lip Balm comes in a 10ml squeeze tube. Judging from the teeny weeny amount you need for each application I’d say this 10m tube will last you for a long time.