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Beauty Box Review The Lilac Box

Need Help Carrying Your Lilac Box 3? Nah I Don’t Think So.

Lilac Box is the only beauty box in Malaysia that claimed themself as a beauty box that ONLY provide premium brand samples. No drugstore stuff. Just premium and nothing but premium. They’re not cheap too. Starting off with a debut box for only RM35, they have since increased to RM49.90 from Box 2 onwards. Debut box was impressive, so is Box 2. I was expecting Box 3 to be as impressive as the previous 2 boxes and when Box 3 subscription was open for ordering, the 3 guys created a hype on their Facebook page saying they didn’t realize it’s going to be THIS full!! and soon marketing strategy Facebook blasting such as it’s the best box ever, it’s going to be awesome and the most epic one would be “you’ll need some help carrying Box 3”. So when you saw this kind of blasting of course you will expect what was promised right? You wouldn’t thought they would dare to boast in Facebook right?

Well take a look at Box 3. It’s pathetic. I could have pay RM38 for MIVVA or RM39.90 for Wonderbox or even RM50 for Vanity Trove!

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Beauty Box Review The Lilac Box

The Lilac Box Making It’s Debut with February 2013 Edition Review

With so many beauty boxes subscription available in Malaysia, one question I always get in my email is “Fiona, which one do you think I should subscribe”. Now, I think before that you should ask yourself WHAT are you looking for in a beauty box because each beauty box is different in a way. The question thrown to me is very simple but the reply I get from you is not. I remember 2 months ago one reader emailed me asking me which box that I think is worth to subscribe. At that time there’s no Lilac Box yet by the way and I’m a fan of Wonderbox (RM39.90) and MIVVA (RM38) so I gave her my suggestion. She replied immediately asking about Modbox cause it’s cheaper as we all know and she’s not willing to spend anything more than RM19 for a box (I hope she know postage is not included). Again at that time I didn’t subscribe to Modbox or have I gotten a box before so I told her Modbox is alright if you are not willing to spend or on a budget based on reviews I read online. But this reader is still not satisfied yet. She said “but you are a fan of Wonderbox and MIVVA”. Well, I am which is why I suggested Wonderbox and MIVVA but you insist on Modbox! LOL! This is just one of the many same demanding and sometimes rude instructing emails I get everyday which they never bother to reply Thank You in the end regardless my immediate replies to them.

So, ask yourself. What is it that you are looking for or expecting from a beauty box. Almost all girls said they want to see luxury brands in the box. Little did you know it’s seriously hard to get luxury brands to give away a big amount of trial size for beauty box because it’s against their company’s policy or brand direction. That explains a bit why most beauty boxes in Malaysia hardly put in luxury / premium / counter brands whatever you call it at your own term products in the box. When all fails and suddenly you get a new beauty box that is going to do what no one had done before, this is the outcome.

As I said before in my previous The Lilac Box introduction post, they are the only beauty box that only (notice the 2 “only”?) deliver premium beauty and cosmetic samples to their subscribers. Now that’s interesting not to mention challenging and brave thing to do. After a few months of teasing in Facebook, The Lilac Box finally release it’s debut box in early February 2013 just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Lilac Box

Beauty Box Introduction: The Lilac Box – For Beauty Lovers: Blind Date in a Box

When I heard there’s a new beauty box subscription launching early 2013, I was once again feeling curious and interested. And when I found out the founders behind this new beauty box are all guys…that’s it. I’m sold. Admit it. Guys who venture into the beauty industry or shall I say the women industry do have good taste.

Introducing The Lilac Box.

LilacBox Logo
Now. The funny thing about beauty boxes in Malaysia is that 1-year ago we used to yearned for at least ONE beauty box subscription available in our country after reading about GlossyBox, BirchBox, BellaBox etc etc from UK and Australia. A few months after that (which is now) we have at least SIX beauty box subscription! A wish come true for beauty box lover like me :). I’m not so into freebies or samples. I’m more into the surprises and excitement receiving a box full with products regardless sample or full size because it’s like Christmas all over again.

But then again. What makes all the boxes subscription different? Well, each of them do have their own selling point and uniqueness. One thing that differentiate The Lilac Box from the rest is that they ONLY include premium brand products. If you can find it in drugstore you’d not see it in The Lilac Box. That’s the promise from the team.


The Concept
The Lilac Box is an online subscription-based sampling programme. We deliver premium beauty and cosmetic samples in a box every month directly to subscribers. The Lilac Box lets subscribers discover and experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples, and allows them to buy the full-size product at a huge discount if they like what they tried.

Subscribers of The Lilac Box anticipate and eagerly wait for the arrival of The Lilac Box every month, and are constantly surprised by what they find, as they do not know the contents of the beauty box.


The Lilac Box debut box will be launched in February 2013. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. The subscription fee is priced at RM35 per box / month and you’d get saving for 3-months or 6-months subscription. That’s not all. You can also purchase the full size product at their website with a huge discount. And you get points for reviewing the box which will entitle you for a free box at a specific accumulated points.