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Review: Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum

Since my teen days, I have large pores in between my nose and my cheek. The funny this is my parent have darn good skin and I guess my brother inherited the best features from them including the fair and good skin texture (and many more). My skin on the other hand? I would say it resembles my aunt who’s the sister of my dad. For so many years, I tried some products which “claims” to tighten pores but failed. I think I gave up after that and console myself that I’m born with it. Well that was before I found Clarins.

I was introduced to their Pore Minimizing Serum a few months ago but hesitated to purchase a full size bottle due to bad experience previously with other brands. So the kind BA at Metrojaya Mid Valley (she left after that) gave me a 3ml sample to try before purchase (read here). This is why I love Clarins so much! Anyway, the BA said she had the same problem as mine and her pores shrunk after she use 1 bottle. Not everyone have the same result as hers. Some faster, some slower. I think hers and my case are slower due to the overly large pores hahaha.

I was AMAZED with the instant result after just a few day of usage. My foundation just glides on smoothly with less visible pores. So I went back immediately to Clarins counter in Metrojaya Mid Valley to make my purchase! That is the day I met Fennie =). Read my purchase of the Pore Minimizing Serum here. I had just finished the full size bottle which is 30ml and currently I’m using the 15ml from Truly Matte Set which I hauled in June 2011.

Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum 30ml – RM147

The bottle is a heavy green glass bottle with a plastic white cap. The pump is in gold and pumps out the content perfectly. I normally uses 3 pumps for the whole face but enhances more on my cheek, nose and forehead more. I do not apply this using swiping method. I will just pump onto my palm, warm it with both hands and start pressing onto my face using both palms from inner to outer with light tapping. Light, not slapping youself ok?

The content is in green colour. Almost same colour with the green of the bottle.

Info from Clarins website.
Beauty Benefits
For a pretty skin texture! Thi sunique product reduces dilated pores with Alpine Willow Herb, Hibiscus flower acid and Lantana from Madagascar.

An exceptional formula that slows down oil production, reduces the appearance of dilated pores and their changing condition over time to ensure a flawless skin texture. Day after day, the skin is refined, its micro-relief is smoothed and the complexion gains in radiance and a matte aspect.

Apply before your day or night cream where pores are visible. It completes the action of all of the other products in the Truly Matte range but can also be used with other Clarins products when the skin no longer needs to be purified.

Active Ingredients
-Alpine Willow Herb, White Dead Nettle, Wheat proteins : purify and leave skin matte.
-Chrysin: slows down the excessive multiplication of sebocytes.
-Lantana from Madagascar: leaves skin matte.
-Hibiscus flower acid, Glistin: firm.
-Linden: soothes.

Comparison between 30ml (full size) with 15ml (deluxe sample)

Alright. You must be wondering what have this product done to my large pores after finishing one full size bottle. Well, this is the pictures taken just yesterday.

1) Control oil secretion and slows down oil reproduction making skin matte.
2) Tighten pores making it less visible at almost instant result.
3) Improves skin texture so it’s advisable to applying to overall face.
4) One full size bottle can last for almost 2 1/2 months with day and night application.

1) The pump is too powerful so sometimes the content maybe splashed a bit elsewhere. My case was the mirror lol.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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