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Modbox January 2013 Edition Review

I had received a few email request for Modbox review last month. Unfortunately I didn’t subscribe to their December 2012 box so I approached Modbox with an intention to purchase 3 boxes for my friends and readers for my small lil gathering last Sunday. Why I choose Modbox for the girls? Well, simple. Modbox is the only beauty box that I haven’t review yet in the blog so it’ll be a great surprise for the girls to get something they didn’t expect to. Unfortunately again their December 2012 is already long sold out and we came to a conclusion to prepare January 2013 box but I need to know the content in advance because all 3 girls have different preference on what they like. Cut the story short…Modbox is unable to give me the boxes just in time for the gathering. I don’t blame Modbox for this because the crew had been very supporting and helpful with my request. One thing we couldn’t control is the stock arrival to prepare for the boxes. There will always be next time:)

Another reason to wanting to get the 3 boxes in advance is because I wanted to do a review on it before passing to the girls. And I was thrilled when Modbox offered to send me one box with absolutely no commitment and string attached. But I wanted to do review. So here’s what I think of their 2nd box. Absolutely no stress in drafting this review.

The parcel arrived with Gdex as their choice of courier. It is bubble wrapped properly so the box arrived in superb condition. No dent or whatsoever. The light purple box is slightly smaller than other beauty boxes in the market. I like the hard glossy box which is similar to Fabulous Finds. This is the type of box I like!

As I’m a first timer, Modbox crew slot in a welcome note in my box. I see this welcome note in everyone’s December 2012 box too. It’s properly and nicely handwritten down.

Inside the box I was greeted with a 2-side printed card. On one side there’s a note from The Modbox Crew on what’s special in the month’s box while the other side is a full description on the products included in the box.

I was delighted to see these in my box! With the affordable monthly subscription fee I wouldn’t expect this at all.

First up. A special treat from Modbox. A full size Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner (RM49.90 for 2.5g).

Voted by all as a must-have-can’t leave-home-without-it-item. This long-lasting waterproof eyeliner will take you through an entire day of sweat, tears and rubbing.

Sounds good! The brand Kiss Me is not a stranger to me. I’ve been using their mascara and eyebrow pencil since 1 year ago. It’s actually quite good quality for a drugstore brand.

Second full size item included in the box is a bottle of SANTE Naturkosmetik Goji Power Body Lotion 150ml (RM39.90 for 150ml).

Pamper your skin after a long day with SANTE’s organic nourishing body lotion. Complete with a harmonising and memorable scent. It features precious organic camellia oil that is bound to leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and soft.

I’m not an all time fan of body lotion until recently I was given Argan Oil body care set. I can accept more and more to body lotion but quite selective on it. My first preference for body lotion is definitely the scent. I’ve gotten Goji Power with is infused with Bio-Goji and Lemon. It does smells a bit refreshing due to the lemon in it. Just in case you’re wondering what it “Goji”… it’s also known as Wolfberry. It is the same Goji the Chinese use in herbal soups which are incredibly beneficial to the eyes.

Ahh look! A handmade soap sample! I was given a Claire Organics Handmade Organic Soap #Red Ginseng 10g (RM16-RM23 for 100g) which is meant for anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating.

Feel luxuriously moisturised with the homemade goodness of Claire Organics’ soaps. Made only from fresh and natural high-quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil and essential oils, each soap is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days.

Wow! 45 days? It is suitable for face and body. I think I’m going to use this for shower :). I really do like the “tree print” on the ombre-looking soap. It’s seldom that I can get soap in beauty box. Will see how this fares. After all the full size soap is quite affordable!

A fan of My Beauty Diary mask myself I also find a piece of MBD Bulgarian White Rose Mask (RM39.90 per box of 10 pieces).

Brighten up your skin before a big night out! With white rose hydrosol and kiwi essence, this mask instantly whitens and hydrates skin to give you that radiant glow.

My Beauty Diary mask fans will know why this is a favorite of everyone. This Bulgarian White Rose Mask is meant to whiten your skin but doesn’t dry your skin like other whitening products. MBD mask to me is super hydrating. My various past experience with MBD mask is that I always have plump skin after using.

Last but not least a Cellnique Expert Series Skin Action Sebum Gel 3ml (RM159 for 30ml).

Say goodbye to those pesky blackheads and whiteheads! This sebum gel packs a punch with its phyto bio-engineering formulation gel, controlling skin congestion and reducing blackheads to leave you with clearer, smoother skin.

Sounds like something I need. I have really serious congested pores issue and recently I spot some blackhead popping out at my jawline. Weird cause I never had that before and it’s annoying cause I can’t stand looking without squeezing. I do hope this works. If it does I don’t mind getting the full size. It seems like a decent price. Does this work on nose too?

Talking about purchasing a full size Cellnique product a while ago. I also find a RM20 Cellnique product voucher. Since this expires 1st March 2013 I better start trying the above Cellnique sample.

Overall I like this box over December 2012 box as I would prefer eyeliner than lipgloss although I must admit December one is darn good too. I’m someone that don’t jump to a new beauty box without monitoring for at least one to two months before subscribing. Modbox has started to get my attention now.

I think everyone have their own beauty box preference. Some like to receive cosmetic more and some more to skin care while I’m more to a mix of everything like cosmetic, skin care, body care or even hair care. As long as it’s a mix in the box then I’m fine. This month’s Modbox definitely covers what I like. I received cosmetic, skin care and body care. It is also not overloading their subscribers with vouchers. I gotta admit. I seldom use the vouchers that comes in the box especially if it’s manicure LOL.

Thank you Modbox for sending me the box =)

Modbox Beauty Box is available for subscription at
Subscription Fee: 1-month = RM19, 3-months = RM57, 6-months = RM99, 12-months + 1 month FREE = RM198
Delivery & Handling Cost: RM9 per box Peninsular Malaysia / RM11 per box East Malaysia
Facebook Page:


Disclaimer: The box was sent to me with no string attached. I decided to review it because I like it personally. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Thanks for sharing your review on this beauty box. Also thanks for your sweet thoughts of getting us as a surprise before the gathering. I think the hand made soap is quite interesting. And the eyeliner is something good to try. It is comforting to know that the box arrived in good shape. A good courier service is important to ensure we don’t get horribly smashed up or damaged items.

    • 🙂 I decided to review it as I like it. The eyeliner is really a bonus! I think they still have limited quantity for backorder 🙂

  • good and affortable :)))

    • Indeed! 🙂

  • i like review on the beauty boxes. This one has all the mixture of skincare, body care as well as makeup.

    • Yeap. A mix is what I like the most in beauty box

  • Really affordable for the entire box! Now I’m tempted!

    • Like Jess said…eyeliner anytime will makes us happy lol

  • Wow,love the stuffs,especially the eyeliner, body lotion and the soap,by the way,any idea where can i buy the body lotion and the soap??Cause these brands is kinda new to me 😀

  • Can’t wait to receive mine now! Mine will be arriving tmr <3

    • Yay! Enjoy your Modbox tomorrow 🙂


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