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Modbox January 2013 Edition Review

I had received a few email request for Modbox review last month. Unfortunately I didn’t subscribe to their December 2012 box so I approached Modbox with an intention to purchase 3 boxes for my friends and readers for my small lil gathering last Sunday. Why I choose Modbox for the girls? Well, simple. Modbox is the only beauty box that I haven’t review yet in the blog so it’ll be a great surprise for the girls to get something they didn’t expect to. Unfortunately again their December 2012 is already long sold out and we came to a conclusion to prepare January 2013 box but I need to know the content in advance because all 3 girls have different preference on what they like. Cut the story short…Modbox is unable to give me the boxes just in time for the gathering. I don’t blame Modbox for this because the crew had been very supporting and helpful with my request. One thing we couldn’t control is the stock arrival to prepare for the boxes. There will always be next time:)

Another reason to wanting to get the 3 boxes in advance is because I wanted to do a review on it before passing to the girls. And I was thrilled when Modbox offered to send me one box with absolutely no commitment and string attached. But I wanted to do review. So here’s what I think of their 2nd box. Absolutely no stress in drafting this review.

The parcel arrived with Gdex as their choice of courier. It is bubble wrapped properly so the box arrived in superb condition. No dent or whatsoever. The light purple box is slightly smaller than other beauty boxes in the market. I like the hard glossy box which is similar to Fabulous Finds. This is the type of box I like!

As I’m a first timer, Modbox crew slot in a welcome note in my box. I see this welcome note in everyone’s December 2012 box too. It’s properly and nicely handwritten down.