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Part 2 Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Smoothing UV Base Smoothes and Blurs Imperfection

If you recall a few months ago that I bought a Correcting UV Base and I said Smoothing UV Base would be in my wish list since I have large pores. No kidding. This year you will see four different UV bases in Blanc de Perle range namely UV Shield, Lightening UV Base, Smoothing UV Base and Correcting UV Base. This fluid transparent formula provides an invisibly new perfection to every skin tone. As the name suggest it smoothes over the smallest blemish while covers and reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue.

The packaging of the Smoothing UV Base is nothing to shout about besides the shiny silver screw cap, which I constantly dropped it to the floor as the screw part is too smooth. Nah, I’m just clumsy. I bet you knew that. It came in a squeeze tube that is easily controllable. Normally I would just squeeze some amount onto the back of my hand, smooth over my face and add more when necessary. This way I can prevent wastage because you just couldn’t un-squeeze the excess from the back of your hand back to the tube isn’t it? So I have no problem with the tube so far.

The UV Base is not too thick nor it’s watery. It is in opaque white and the scent of this is much more stronger than the Lotion, Serum and Essence. I have read online that we should use not more than a pea size of this UV Base but I say go with what makes you happy and comfortable with. When I am using this I skipped my sunscreen so this UV Base act as sunscreen + makeup base for me therefore a pea size is not enough. That’s why I said go with what you are comfortable with.

Let’s see how this fares shall we?

I put on Smoothing UV Base on the half left of my face, which is your right by the way. After that I had trouble taking picture. What this Smoothing UV Base does is that it reduces the appearance of the imperfection on the face so the picture appears blur on my camera. Fortunate for me I managed to snap one for this review after so many tries. My left face including my nose are more smoothen and even out. Mind you I have LARGE PORES therefore it wasn’t diminished completely.

I had decided to show you the “After Makeup” effect because I used this just before makeup to lessen the large pores appearance. The result is amazing. Even after all the rubbing in foundation my pores still appears visibly reduced.


Guerlain Blanc de Perle range is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Sogo.
Price: RM190 for 30ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (4)

  • Awesome effect! Love the good effect on you and how it smoothed your pores. But your pores are quite small. I’ve big ones. Thanks for sharing. Do you think it is suitable for oily skin?

    • It smoothes out yes.I took so many photograph and all blurred out. My pores are gigantic hahaha.

      Yes this is suitable for oily skin. It’s not as oily as Correcting one which I bought too.

  • your face and nose are very very clean >< this base seem good! smooth the pore a lot… i suppose all make up base helps in covering imperfection ?

    • Nose and face are clean because the base covers it all. The pores are much more smoother, still there but less visible. Not all makeup base help to cover imperfection. There are some that is purely a base/primer before you put on liquid foundation. This type appears transparent. There are also some that is really meant as base/primer + covering for pores, redness or even give brightening such as this Guerlain one 🙂


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