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All The Stress Calls For A Sunday Retail Therapy

Sorry for the lack of update in the blog and Facebook recently. I am in the midst of buying a new car and selling off my current car all by myself which explains the mood swing, headache and chaos. It doesn’t help when JPJ changed all the buying and selling law again and again. All this is taking lots of my time. I hardly have time to sit down, what more photograph products and blog. Work on the other hand is not running as smoothly as I expected it to be. I have launched a new interactive automotive magazine app a few months ago and getting all the conventional car manufacturer to buy the totally new idea is really really tough. My bosses need to see profit right away and the reality is it won’t be that soon. I’m giving myself another two more months time and if all fails I will give in my resignation. Oh well. Life sucks at times. All this is so stressful and tough that I wanted to cry most of the time. I didn’t realized it’s that stress until I pull out one strand of white baby hair each day for the past few days. I don’t have any mood to even shop but this weekend I took time off from everything and drove out for a short shopping trip. Retail therapy is the best therapy of all time 🙂

Here’s what I came home with. I drove to two malls yesterday. Pavilion and KLCC.

Sunday Retail Therapy1

First stop is Pavilion. Etude House is having a massive sales and I have always wanted to get Etoinette Heart Blusher. The blusher is only at RM49.90 after discounted from usual retail price of RM159.90. Initially I only wanted one but somehow ended up with two. It’s too lovely to resist 🙂

Sunday Retail Therapy2
In less than half an hour I was out from Pavilion and drove to KLCC. I went to L’Occitane to redeem my birthday gift of RM20 cash voucher. I was lurking around La Collection de Grasse section and found perfumed soap. At first I only wanted to buy one but ended up with three, except vanilla. I’m not liking the smell of vanilla. In the end I bought all four as I saw the set that was already nicely packed. Then only I realized that those nicely packed ones are for display only. In real, customers will get just the soap itself. The SA was extremely kind and nice. He ask me if I want to wrap it. I said yes with the reason that it is a gift for other people lol. He gave me the set that was readily wrapped, put in a gift bag with a gift tag.

So the gift to myself is Jasmine & Bergamot Perfumed Soap, Magnolia & Mûre Perfumed Soap, Vanille & Narcisse Perfumed Soap and Thé Vert & Bigarade Perfumed Soap. Each bar of soap is retailing for RM37 each. I was given a 5% member discount from the total.

Sunday Retail Therapy3
While I was at Pavilion, I made a quick stop at Muji to buy the Peelable Cotton for RM10.90 per pack. This cotton is mainly for the use of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I felt a bit waste if I discard the cotton pad after wiping. Peelable Cotton enable me to peel and placed on the face for 5 minutes before discarding. I’ve been doing that with normal cotton for quite some time now. It’s time to pamper myself more. And yes I do know I can get these from Daiso. I choose Muji because I’ve always wanted to get their cotton to try :).

Meanwhile I was at KLCC, I dropped by Clarins counter at Isetan to redeem my yearly birthday gift. This year there’s no funny pouches. Instead I was given a Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate With Essential Oils 100ml. Not sure if I should be happy or not. I’m happy that Clarins finally listen to their members on giving out product as birthday gift. But only one item? Sigh. I’m glad I don’t spend on them (yet) this year.

Sunday Retail Therapy4
Well, that’s all my haul for yesterday. Not a lot but definitely put a wide smile on my face. I’m thrilled that I managed to snag two Etoinette Heart Blusher. Although I only wanted one and the other one is purely impulsive haha! I prefer to buy things in pair especially limited edition item.

Hope you had a great Sunday too. I’ve posted one extremely good magazine GWP deal from Kinokuniya in my Facebook. Do check it out! You won’t regret it. Seriously.


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  • Aww :(. Hugs Fiona. I have been hearing how tough you work is. Perhaps you should really consider other alternative. I believe you can do it. Don’t put too much stress on yourself. Stress could turn into depression you know. Gambateh!

    • New product is always tough especially when other competitor is offering lower rate in terms of advertising. Looks like I have no other choice but to consider other alternative eh? :). I always tell my boss that I will leave if things doesn’t work out. I don’t want to waste my time and company’s time.
      I believe in my own product. It will work. Just not asap or now. Funny that you mention about depression because I think I was entering depression stage last week LOL.

  • I’m really tempted on the Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher! Mainly because it looks pretty! 😛

    • Get one babe. Pavilion is near you hehehehe 😀

  • You’re such a superwoman – I can’t believe you post this much despite having so many out-of-this-world things on your plate. Take it easy and don’t burn out.
    Retail therapy is so good. Thanks for tempting me to go to Etude House. Am already hankering after that oh-so-cute blusher. May sneak in during my lunch break. Gotta limit myself though. Sales are SO dangerous.

    • Awww I wanna stop being a superwoman. People see me as this tough girl but in real I too need help at times. The good thing is I love my blog. I couldn’t get enough of beauty. I sacrificed all my spare time to blog. Maybe recently I started to realize I need a life lol!
      Yesterday I told myself I need to go for a shopping trip or else I might hibernate into depression mode. The heart blusher is really worth it. So cute right? :). Now I’m thinking to hunt down the face powder which is also in the same container ;). Let me know if you get any. Would love to hear about your haul.

  • Sorry to hear that your work stress is causing you to feel down but there is nothing like shopping for oneself to cure it 🙂 Yay! Thanks for the heads up on the Etude House blush. I saw it on Tine’s blog months ago and did not want to buy it since it was so expensive. But since it is only RM49.90, that is surely a steal. Do you know how long the sale would be and the reason they are selling it at such a huge discounted price?

    Great to know you are using Muji facial cottons too. Mine is the smaller squares that is retailing for RM8.90. I just stock up last month since I love it so much 🙂

    By the way, I just received my Olay Pro-X Advance Cleansing System from Supermodels Secret last Friday (thanks for your recommendation!) and I started using it yesterday. I think like you, I used the high speed and might have over-scrubbed my face. Hahaha. I need to take it easy and use it gently without pressing it too hard on my face.

    • No worries Victoria :(. Yay for Etude House sales! Oh yea. I was secretly told that there will be another Buy 1 Free 1 promo which falls on the 13th Sep, not including Etoinette collection. I saw from their Facebook banner saying this is the September promo. So my wild guess is it’s until end of Sep? But don’t take the risk since Etoinette is really cheap now 🙂
      I will get the normal Muji facial cotton soon after I finished the current stash :). This peelable is only for SK-II FTE. I think I better separate one piece of cotton to 2 usage.
      Yay for Olay Pro-X!! I hope you enjoy using it. Do it fast and don’t spend your sweet time using it. This way you can’t easily over-scrub :). But I understand first time is really irressistable haha

  • Etude houses packaging always make me feel so young and sweet ! <3

    • You are young still Aby! 😀


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