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Beauty News: H2O+ Beauty Relaunch with 11street as Official Online Partner

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Yesterday’s press launch was an exciting one for me because H2O+ Beauty re-emerged with a whole new identity and that includes pretty brand new packaging and product reformulation. Now, you must be thinking what’s so exciting as H2O+ Beauty is not a new skincare brand in the market. Well, you know you are a beauty enthusiasts when you get all giddy happy and excited with any beauty products. H2o+ Beauty has been keeping a low profile for the past few years. This new relaunch took a whole year of preparation and now, they are ready to be unveiled to the world together with the appointment of 11street as their Official Online Partner.

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H2O+ has a 26-years of history of creating beauty products. Courageous spirit with putting customers first approach has always been the brand’s core tenet. With new reimaging of H2O+ includes amplifying the same spirit by being more innovative, creative and results-focused. The new relaunch also sees the appointment of 11street as its official online partner, targeting consumers who prefer online shopping. H2O+ identified the current trend which is online shopping therefor they are confident that 11street will provide more convenient platform for its consumers to shop for H2O+ Beauty products online.

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Left: Wong Meng Choy, CEO of Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd, Right: Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising 11street

New rebranding, new reimaging also comes with new product updates with targeted skincare range.  These new collections are inspired by H2O+ innovative beginning and combining pure water with latest advances in skin technology. As a result, performance-based formulas are made without the use of parabens, mineral oils and phthalates.



H2O+ Oasis
The Oasis range is H2O+’s best-seller and main skincare range even before the new rebranding. The new Oasis range still focusing on hydrating products that is able to turn parched complexion into a supple and smooth skin.



H2O+ Infinity+
Formerly known as Sea Results, the Infinity+ range is an age-defying products leveraging the energizing powers of water to stop “ripple effect” caused by aging through the treatment of the most telltale signs instantly and over time through long term usage.



H2O+ Waterbright
Waterbright range, formerly known as Waterwhite os a hydra-powered products that are infused with brighteners such as Vitamin C to help eliminating dark spots, to even out uneven skin tone and to promote overall skin radiance. In another word this range is a hydrating brightening skincare range.



H2O+ Elements
Elements range on the other hand brings cleansing and purity to every skin types. It preps your skin for specialized treatment for even better results. Water as mentioned is the foundation for H2O+ and these new formulas are the building blocks to kick start any skincare routine.


Body Care

H2O+ Body Care
H2O+ Body Care range consists of Sea Salt, Eucalyptus and Aloe, Milk and Specialty Care collections maximizes the hydrating power of H2O to cleanse, moisturize and soften skin from head to toe. The packaging is so pretty and colour-coordinated.

For more information on H2O+ Beauty, please visit their Official Website or Facebook Page. You can now shop online for H2O+ Beauty products at 11street too!


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