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Kaizen Japanese Skincare May Be the Simplest 2-Minute Routine and Yet its Everything You Need

Kaizen Skincare
It takes a lot to convert someone who is used to the 9-steps Korean skincare layering method to 4-steps maximum. When I started using the whole set of Kaizen skincare, I amazed myself with how fast my skincare routine is nowadays. Night time especially. I sleep very late on typical days. Laziness always get to me because by the time I am sleepy, I would be too tired to move a limb to apply my skincare. So when I am on the Kaizen 2-minute skincare routine, I was done unknowingly. And it’s just 3-steps! No kidding. As I grew older, I notice that my skincare routine gets minimal by year. Somehow I feel that I have been through it all. From no skincare at all to 9-steps, to using luxury brands to drugstore brands. I’ve done it all. The only thing I have not done is going minimal. While my makeup routine shows no sign of stopping, my skincare routine however has been taking a chill pill these days. Minimal but efficient is what I am looking for, and I found it through Kaizen.


Who is Kaizen and what they’re about?

I always find Japanese beauty to be fascinating in so many way. Their skincare works much better than Korean on me personally mainly because it is not oily on me and I like it that way. Kaizen is the Japanese word 改善 for continuous improvement “. In short, Kaizen skincare emphasis on minimal and yet infused with potent efficient ingredients. A group of scientists discovered a brand new strain of microalgae, with remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-glycation properties at a small town that has the highest density of hot springs in the world. Microalgae from numerous onsens were collected and tested using DNA analysis. They found the one they were looking for and it was the 92nd sample. And so it was named RG92. RG92 fermented extract was patented became the key active in Kaizen’s skin care range.


Step 1. Reveal – Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser (RM170 / 150ml)

Kaizen Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser 1
Kaizen takes on minimalist packaging. The kind that I like – clean and simple. The entire range are in light pastel blue + white bottles, except for the sunscreen. The packaging may reveals that it is a brand and range for younger skin but I soon found out it is meant for all skin type. In fact Kaizen skincare range has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-glycation properties, which are ingredients for anti-aging.

Within the four products, I must say I am more skeptical with the Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser the most but soon it became my favourite among all. Revealing Gel is a soap-free cleanser. It has fermented microalgae extract hence the gel-like consistency and texture. This main active ingredient is to counter redness and inflammation, while hydrolysed collagen and botanical complex in it is to supports overall skin health.

Kaizen Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser 2
From what I understand, Kaizen skincare does not have artificial fragrance in it. So most of its product are not scented. However, this Revealing Gel has a faint soothing floraly scent to it. Or is it gel scent? I don’t know. All I know is I love the scent.

I said I was skeptical with the cleanser because this cleanser is to be used onto dry skin, with dry fingers. Because of this, I have to change my routine to using this cleanser before brushing my teeth 😀 . At first it does sound and feel a little bit odd because it does not foams up or feels like a cleanser that I am used to using. I used 3 pumps each time I wash my face. The gel goes on smooth and quite easy to spread around dry skin surface.

Kaizen Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser 3
The instruction said to rinse thoroughly with warm water but I just used normal tap water and it works fine. Initially I thought water would sort of activate the cleanser and turn it milky in a way. Nope. It doesn’t. It stays like a gel from the start till after rinsing. To my surprise it is quite easy to rinse off. There is no sticky film left behind. Because of the gel, my skin feels soft and more moisturised compared to other cleanser. This cleanser is also said to be effective in removing makeup and even eye makeup but personally I am a firm believer in removing my makeup separately before skincare routine so I have no tried this on makeup yet. Skin does not feel tight, dirt and oil all removed from my face and I am one happy camper!

Kaizen Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser 4
I love my foamy cleanser but somehow I also like this a lot. There is something about soap-free cleanser that stays exactly the same from before cleansing to after cleansing that I like. Okay, I admit I like unique product and this is one of it 🙂


Step 2. Rebalance – Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence (RM154 / 150ml)

Kaizen Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence 1
You know my obsession with face mist right? At the brand introduction event, I saw this bottle of Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence is in a mist bottle and I can’t stop misting my face with it throughout the entire briefing.

After cleansing is of course to follow up with a toner/lotion to rebalance the skin back and I was excited to see that Kaizen’s version of toner is named as Rebalancing Water and it is in a mist form. Kaizen said it is such a waste to use a cotton pad for this purpose, which I kind of agree although cotton pad does have it’s purpose to further get rid of leftover dirt from the face from cleansing but I also believe in simplicity and using a toner direct from its bottle. In fact at home before this I have also converted to no-cotton pad for toner.

Kaizen Rebalancing Water contain a combination of kelp extract and fermented lactobacillus-collagen complex. Rebalancing water is crucial in this whole routine because the rehydrating enhances the skin absorption ability for serums and moisturisers. It hydrates, plumps up and rebalances the skin after cleansing.

Kaizen Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence 2
The new bottle is a little bit wonky at the first two mist but after you get the mist out smoothly, boy oh boy this mist is the best thing ever. The pump is surprisingly so strong that I have to hold the bottle a lot further away from my face. My favourite method is to hold the bottle down with the nozzle facing upward. The mist land on my face with the perfect amount and saturation 😀 . Usually I am kiasu with my facial mist that I never hold it far away from my face but this one I really have to hold it far from my face lol.

Rebalancing Water is scentless but feels absolutely refreshing on the skin. It feels like water on the skin, not as heavy as ordinary toner. If you are a face mist fanatic like me, you will be delighted to know that this mist is a dual-function face mist – to use as a toner and as throughout the day face rehydration and refresher.

It is formulated WITHOUT Alcohol , Preservatives (fermented ingredients act as natural preservative), Synthetic chemicals, Parabens, Mineral oil, and Fragrance & Dyes.

Kaizen Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence 3


Step 3. Renew – Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser (RM201 / 50g)

Kaizen Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser 1
Voilá! Unknowingly we have reached step 3 of the 2-minute Kaizen ritual. Told ya it is fast and simple 😀

Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser is the star of Kaizen. This moisturiser has NO silicone, preservatives, mineral oil, synthetic coloring and fragrance. It feels something like the Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser – smooth and smooth. It goes on the skin like a gel and as you work the product into the skin, it changes and became smoother and watery. Just a teeny weeny bit. It is said to have the texture of a gel, rejuvenating benefit of a serum and hydrating power of a cream. So this answer your doubt about where’s the serum 😀 .

Kaizen Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser 2
This is the one product that I am most scared to apply on day time the most. Gel usually turns my makeup greasier but hey, this Renewal Jelly does not do that to me. It is just like a cream. Interestingly for a non-silicone product, my makeup adheres better with this moisturiser on.

The key ingredient for this star product is none other than RG92 fermented algae extract, hydrolysed yeast and collagen. Sometimes I feel that this moisturiser is not enough but everytime after I am done with my skincare routine, my gosh my skin never look this good. It immediately brighten my complexion thanks to its plumping effect from the moisturisation properties in it. On day time I am only using 2 full pumps but on night time, I am using 3 full pumps 😀

Kaizen Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser 3


Step 4. Reflect – Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+ (RM182 / 30g)

Kaizen Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+ 1
Sun protection. We all know it is the one thing no one should left home without. Even at home also you need to apply as the TV, computer, phone, fluorescent lights all has UV rays.  I don’t know about you but I do apply my usual sun protection at home but a lower SPF 😛

When I first saw this Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+, the first thing that crossed my mind was – is it going to be enough? Understandably, I notice that most colder countries tend to product a lower SPF product. Here in Malaysia we tend to use minimum SPF50 PA++++ and above. On a brighter note, this is a mineral sunscreen. It is fragrance-free just like every other Kaizen products but it does have a hint of rose scent to it, mainly because of the Rosehip oil in it. It is also infused with Vitamin E to further enhance sun protection benefits, while minimising free radical damage. If you’re wondering if there is RG92 fermented microalgae extract in it, the answer is YES. This active key ingredient is added in to protects the skin from inflammation, while hydrolysed collagen and sodium hyaluronate to combat dryness and plumps up the skin.

Kaizen Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+ 2
The product has a full on white color to it. Because I do apply my sunscreen heavily, it does leave a little white cast on but soon disappears when the product settles on the skin. Same as every other sunscreen, it has the sunscreen feel to it but not greasy. This is one of the sunscreen that does not have sebum powder in it so it does not dries down velvety matte. I am not so particular with all this because a sunscreen should feel like a sunscreen. Anyway I have my matte face primer to apply on before makeup 😀

The texture has a somewhat watery gel-like to it but not as gel-ish as the cleanser and moisturiser. Quite comfortable on the skin without feeling heavy and sticky.

Kaizen Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+ 3
I must be honest here. I do not expect much from Kaizen skincare range because it does look simple, that it is an anti-aging skincare. Anti-aging skincare to me is more like a prevention. I do not have severe visible signs of aging at the moment to see a huge difference so whenever I embark on a new anti-aging regimen, I use it without expecting anything.

But, every time I am done with my Kaizen skincare routine. I am amazed with how good my skin look. It is the kind of skincare that looked normal but efficient in ways that I didn’t even imagine. Perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover 😀

This is my skin Before Kaizen skincare regimen. Dull complexion most of the time. I don’t know what went wrong LOL.

Kaizen Skincare Before
And, this is my skin After Kaizen skincare regimen. See! Look at how beautifully healthy my skin look! I am not joking. It must be the microalgae. It must be 😀

Kaizen Skincare After
Well, if you wanna try the benefit of Onsen-Powered Japense Skincare, then you must try Kaizen. My Before and After photo says it all! The good news is, I have a discount code for you. When you purchase any Kaizen skincare products, it is free shipping to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. And first 20 buyers with the code kzxfiona at checkout will entitle for a 20% discount 😉


Kaizen Japanese Skincare is available online at https://www.kaizencare.com/

+ Revealing Gel Facial Cleanser – RM170
+ Rebalancing Water Balancing Essence – RM154
+ Renewal Jelly Facial Moisturiser – RM201
+ Reflecting Lotion Mineral UV Shield SPF31+

For more information on Kaizen, please visit Kaizen Website, Facebook and Instagram.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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