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2013 At It’s Best – Reflecting Back At The Past One Year

2013 At It's Best 1
Instead of naming this post at “Best of 2013” I’ve decided to named it as 2013 At It’s Best 😀 . I like to be slightly different from everybody else. Afterall, everyone else will be posting up their Best of 2013 and looking forward to entering 2014.

It took me quite a while trying to go back time and recall what is my best time, advise, decision, purchase, discovery, event and so on. The list below will be events that I would want to remember.

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In The Media: Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012)

Red Tomato 1
I couldn’t fit the whole page on to the scanner, so please bear with half of the cover page ya


I’m a little late in documenting the milestone that I have make in blogging for Street Love but it’s never too late to start one 😀
Thanks to Talika Malaysia, I have a a brief fame in Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012) on Lipocils Experts. Just in case you didn’t know, Red Tomato is the largest circulated free Chinese weekly newspaper. Prior before that, I was ask to participate in a 28-days challenge for Lipocils & Black launch and my result is one of the most visible one. So myself and another blogger get to put up a short testimonial on our personal experience in the newspaper.

Red Tomato 2

It’s in Chinese, I myself can’t read Chinese at all lol so here’s the English version which I provide for Red Tomato translation.

I have short and sparse eyelashes before being introduced to Talika Lipocils Expert. After using the product diligently day and night for 28-days I notice a drastic changes. My eyelashes are longer, thicker, stronger, darker and more curl. New eyelashes grew filling the empty space instead of falling out. The best part is I can still apply mascara like normal even after applying Talika Lipocils Expert. Now I have no more broken eye lashes and fall out everytime I removed my eye makeup. Talika Lipocils Expert really works.

More to come (I hope) 😀


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Behind The Scene At Street Love: Sneak Peek Inside My Little Blogging World At Home

After reading Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous‘s behind the scene post last year, it gave me an idea and inspiration to do one as well. But then I have a problem. My behind the scene is not as pretty as Tine’s. Knowing it would definitely be an interesting insight post for my readers I suppose there’s no harm in showing all of you the not-so-glamourous side of me at home when it comes to blogging 😀


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7 Blogging Facts That You Might Wanna Know About Me

Sometimes you must be wondering about certain thing from reading this lil bloggie. It could be about me, the reviews, products or anything at all. There are a few readers (you know who you are!) which are closer to me and they did ask me a few question which I think is a good question!

I’ve gathered a few blogging facts about me that you might be interested to know or should know. Who knows… this few facts about my blogging could answer some of your doubt?

1) Blogger get everything for free when they want something.
Unfortunately not for small time blogger like me. Maybe for other blogger yes but I don’t get that privilege. When I read a review online about a product and I want it…I go out and buy it just like you.

I have heard stories on how certain bloggers twist brand person’s arm to get what they want and get everything their way. I just can’t do it. That’s not me. I’m still that person that live by a simple philosophy “If I get, I get. If I don’t, it’s okay. There’ll be other opportunity that will come by”.

About Me

Question: What do you wanna know about me?

As I was driving to work this morning I was thinking about what to review this weekend. I do have a long list of products which is yet to be review but I wanted to do something different as a “add-on” to my usual weekend product review.

I realized I have been neglecting my blank “About Me” page and I need to get on with it. So girls. Is there anything that you want to know about me? Anything at all. Feel free to ask! I will answer all the questions in a separate blog post 🙂


About Me

Something About Me

Who is Street Love?

Modern Mavens Founder Fiona Loh
I’m just a simple girl from Malaysia who like everything to be the simplest possible but I have big ambition in life. I spent the first few years learning and working in Corporate Finance until a good friend of mine offered me a different career path that changed my whole life. Five years ago I found my career path in publishing specializing in automotive and I’m living it now with no regrets and turning back.

Being in a publishing line exposed me to great chances of meeting lots of extraordinary people in the industry. I’ve always love cars. But I also have huge interest in the girly girl world; beauty and fashion. That’s when I started blogging. Blogging about beauty keeps me sane and balance from my Monday to Friday job. Now my life is perfect.

Beside the love for cars and beauty related. I get myself involve in charity whenever I’m can. When I retire in the future I wanted to help Jill Robinson of ANIMALS ASIA to save the Moon Bears. But now I have my own charity – #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign.

I started blogging as a diary not expecting anyone would have interest to know what I buy, why I buy it or how do I feel about the product. As everyone is doing a haul review, I thought I can do that too. Then I started to review japanese magazine freebies which was so in trend in 2010. Slowly I moved to beauty haul and review. Voilà. This is where I am now.