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Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector: Latest breakthrough in skin care technology that gives imperfection skin a soft focus effect

You know how most girls (and guys) are into editing their photos with all the beautifying effects using photo editing software or apps? Have you ever notice why your friends photo are blurry with soft focus-like effect? The secret is adding soft focus effect by blurring skin imperfection.

Kiehl’s recently came out with a brand new product – Micro-Blur Skin Imperfector and boy I was over the moon with this one. I don’t normally use a new product on my face without doing some research prior. However the product name itself hit me on the right spot and I find myself using the product within the next five minutes of receiving the parcel 🙂

Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfector 7
I notice that pores is number 1 first world issue for most women, regardless if they have smooth skin or they have orange-like skin. Women just like to complain about their “large” pores. I have annoying friends with porcelain smooth flawless skin who is forever looking for a product to shrink their pores. Read between the line – porcelain smooth flawless skin. Whenever these girls start to complain about their pores (which doesn’t even exist on them), my inner self starts to shrink and I always see myself shrinking to a mouse size, you know…just like the movie Alice In Wonderland? I felt exactly like that. My statement is supported by research done by Kiehl’s whereas the finding proves that pores are a key skin issue for women regardless of age GLOBALLY.

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Hollywood’s backstage secret – GLAMGLOW Youthmud and GLAMGLOW Supermud changed the way I look at mud mask treatment altogether (Part 1)

You know how Hollywood celebrities get an instant camera ready skin in just 10-minutes? Well, I have no idea at all until I get to know GLAMGLOW upclose a few weeks ago when I spot the brand on shelf at Sephora KLCC. I also found out that all American Idol contestants and even Dancing With The Stars contestants is using GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment backstage before going on stage. You have no idea how huge GLAMGLOW is in the States. It’s a big thing there. Aren’t we glad that we can now get our hands on the highly raved GLAMGLOW here in Malaysia eh?

I’ve tried, tested and used all three GLAMGLOW Youthmud, GLAMGLOW Supermud and GLAMGLOW Brightmud for a good one month now. Let me warn you ahead that this review post is going to be picture heavy (because I need to show you how awesome it is) and words heavy. I’ll try to talk less so that it is easier for you. Just make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before you start reading on 🙂

GlamGlow 7
Oh and something unexpected happened. I was whisked to an exclusive media preview event just one month ago. I’ve actually booked myself three media event for that particular day and I was glad to make it for this GLAMGLOW preview event early morning. I didn’t realize that I’ll be meeting both the Co-Founders and CEO’s of GLAMGLOW. I’ve only seen their pictures on the product pamphlet and website so imagine my surprise when I get to meet Glenn and Shannon Dellimore face to face. I was like “hey, that’s Glenn and Shannon from GLAMGLOW website” 😀 . Website because I vividly remember about them after reading from GLAMGLOW website.

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Review: Rekindling with Bioré Pore Pack Black, thanks to a sample that comes in the magazine

A few days ago I posted a yucky picture of a used Bioré Pore Pack Black together with all the blackheads extracted from my nose at my Instagram fionastreetlove. A very dear reader, Melissa Ting requested for me to blog on which is the best nose pore strip that I have used before as she is looking to buy one. Now, you must be thinking why would a recommendation needed for pore strip. Trust me. You need to as not all pore strip works in extracting all the gunk out from the nose. I have decided not to do a comparison review between pore packs because it does take some time for the nose area to get all clogged up. I’m not going to let Melissa to wait for a month of two for a review 🙂 . So Melissa here’s one.

Bioré pore pack failed on me previously so I stay away from them. A recent Cleo magazine haul re-introduced me back to Bioré Pore Pack and it’s the Bioré Pore Pack Black. Needless to say I went to Guardian pharmacy and bought a 10 strips pack.

Biore Pore Pack Black 1
There is two types of Bioré pore pack available – white and black. Since the white one failed on me and black one works like a charm, I repurchased the Bioré Pore Pack Black. Once you have chosen which type of pore pack suits you, you will then have a choice to choose either a 5 strips pack or a 10 strips pack. I bought the 10 strips pack since it only cost me RM9.88 per pack.

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Review: Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet, A Simpler Solution to Blackheads, Whiteheads and Sebum-Free Face

Have you ever been in the situation where your friend, who have the perfect skin tells you that her pores are large and full with blackheads and sebum? And you are literally staring closely at her nose and inner cheeks trying to find a single bit of evidence that they suffer from large pores and blackheads? Well, I’ve been in that odd situation countless times. My reaction would always be “you have large pores? Have you ever seen mine?” 😀

My solution to removing these stubborn blackheads from my nose before using Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet is by using peel-off egg white pore pack. For face is just normal scrubbing and deep cleansing mask, praying hard that blackheads and whiteheads will be reduced and gone after a period of time. However I still prefer Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet for the hassle-free and effective result.

Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet 1
Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet is a gentle remover sheet that removes blackheads, even whiteheads and excess sebum from the pore minus the unnecessary irritation. These sheets contain essence that are made from a special formula that helps to soften the skin and pull away any dirt from the surface of the skin and out from the pores.

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Review: Hada Labo New Face Wash Launched With 3 Variants – Hydra & Whitening, Deep Clean & Pore Refining and Deep Clean & Blemish Control Face Wash

What attract me to Hada Labo shelf in the drugstore is the packaging. I’m a fan of the color white especially when it comes to beauty related stuff, just like the blog layout. I thought it looked clean :D. Another distinctive attraction of the brand Hada Labo is all the Japanese writing on the front tube of the bottle or tube. It’s like a mystery as I can’t read Japanese but somehow attracted to it. The Japs make good skin care and makeup don’t you think so? 😉

Asian skin type and need are unique and different due to the climate and environment surrounding. Hada Labo recognized these differences and came up with different types of cleanser previously for example Moisturizing Face Wash, es Foaming Wash, AHA/BHA Cleansing and Whitening Face Wash. Just last month Hada Labo launched three new face wash products, and so I was sent these Hada Labo New Face Wash to try out. Maybe Hada Labo sense that I was running out of cleanser eh?

Hada Labo New Face Wash 1
Just the other day I was telling my friends over Facebook that I wash my face three times a day and my friend said it’s too much. I disagree, because I have oily skin and my three times of washing only include morning after waking up, double cleanse after removing makeup and just before I go to sleep. These three times are the main face washing that I can’t skip, or I’ll end up with a face that I could even fried up an egg lol.

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Part 2 Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Smoothing UV Base Smoothes and Blurs Imperfection

If you recall a few months ago that I bought a Correcting UV Base and I said Smoothing UV Base would be in my wish list since I have large pores. No kidding. This year you will see four different UV bases in Blanc de Perle range namely UV Shield, Lightening UV Base, Smoothing UV Base and Correcting UV Base. This fluid transparent formula provides an invisibly new perfection to every skin tone. As the name suggest it smoothes over the smallest blemish while covers and reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue.

The packaging of the Smoothing UV Base is nothing to shout about besides the shiny silver screw cap, which I constantly dropped it to the floor as the screw part is too smooth. Nah, I’m just clumsy. I bet you knew that. It came in a squeeze tube that is easily controllable. Normally I would just squeeze some amount onto the back of my hand, smooth over my face and add more when necessary. This way I can prevent wastage because you just couldn’t un-squeeze the excess from the back of your hand back to the tube isn’t it? So I have no problem with the tube so far.