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Unveiling The New Concept of Clarins Skin Spa in Suria KLCC

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Kelly was kind enough to extend the invitation from Suria KLCC to me last week to check out Clarins’ unveiling of its new concept of Clarins Skin Spa. The last time I have been to this skin spa was last year for their introduction of the new Tri-Active Facial Treatments. Suria KLCC do this activity often from time to time for their tenants so if I’m lucky, you should be seeing more 🙂 . As you know KLCC is the mall I frequent often especially when I do my beauty rounding every weekend so this is pretty exciting.

If you are not aware yet, Clarins Skin Spa in Suria KLCC is not in any departmental store but it is a standalone store located on the 4th floor, just a corner away from Kinokuniya. The skin spa is at the corner lot, occupying a floor space of 2,025 square feet and it has five treatment rooms to cater to its loyal customers.

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At one glance, there is not much of a difference with the old look but if you do look closely you will notice that the new look features plant visuals, which gives a colourful and vibrant ambience. Even the white spaces now has embossed leave motifs.

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The new Clarins Skin Spa offers a one-stop holistic experience to their customers. Through a skin spa, one would be able to enjoy a multi-layered services such as the retail area provides personalized a clear zoning of skin care and body care experience. Customers will be able to move around the retail area, to get an overall look of what Clarins has to offer, to touch and try any product that he or she wants.

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Previously a relaxation area, this space behind the retail area now turned into a comfortable one-to-one consultation area. Customers is able to sit down comfortably with Clarins Customer Service Consultant for a more private and comprehensive skin check. Through this skin check, one would be able to find out more about his or her skin type and to get a customized beauty regime tailored accordingly to their skin concern, skin type and lifestyle.

Besides that, the relaxation area is also a waiting area for customers to sit down and relax prior or after their treatment. This is where you will be served tea and my favourite, prun 🙂

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There are five treatment rooms altogether for both men and women to come in and experience the authentic Clarins Touch. Clarins treatment do not utilizes any machine or do any extraction. It is the type of facial that only uses “touch and massages” (on layman term), which is known as Clarins Touch. Clarins treatment is my first ever facial treatment back and I have not been to any other since then 😉

The product used at Clarins Skin Spa is more concentrated than the retail version that we bought from the counter. Known as Pro-Formula, it is exclusively designed for beauty therapists use only. Because it is so highly concentrated, combined the product with Clarins 100% manual method application, you will walk out of the treatment room looking WOW. I am not kidding!

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Clarins worldwide network consist of 173 Clarins Skin Spas including Skin Spas in department stores in 32 countries. In Malaysia alone, you may find five standalone Clarins Skin Spas like this one and five Skin Spas in department stores.

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Website or Suria KLCC Website to find out more.

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