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Budget Buy – Eye & Face Make-up Removers

A few weeks ago I asked you a question in Facebook if you are willing to spend on expensive makeup remover and most of you said you’re not willing to. There’s a reason behind the question actually. A year ago not only I’m not willing to spend on expensive skin care and makeup I definitely won’t splurge on makeup removers. After spending so much on expensive makeup removers I’m cutting down a bit on the splurge side while implementing some budget buy in.

I’ve grabbed some of the best budget makeup removers from a local drugstore; Watsons that I’ve tried previously. Here’s what I think.


Bioré Cleansing Oil – RM19.55 for 150ml
I’ve gone through at least 3 bottle of this. This is really efficient in removing ALL my makeup thoroughly. Using this is as easy as ABC. Just pump onto palm, massage onto face and rinse with water. After that double cleanse with your favorite cleanser and you’re done.

If you’re looking for budget cleansing oil I’d suggest you give this a try.

Purederm Make-up Remover Cleansing Tissues – RM12.16 for 30 sheets
This is the easiest and good make-up remover tissues around. Not many people knew about this mainly because it was tucked in a small section at Watsons. I discover this a few years ago when I was looking for make-up remover tissue. This is also the only cleansing tissue that bears the name and description of “make-up remover” which is great because it’s especially designed for makeup unlike other brands in the market. Sometimes I managed to get this for RM11+ only when it’s on sales. It’s easy, good, clean and refreshes the skin.

If you’re into simplicity and convenient…this is the one for you. As usual double cleanse with your favorite cleanser after that.

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes – RM15.21 for 25 wipes
Can you believe if I told you I’ve never tried this Simple Cleansing Wipes before? But fret not. I’ve used a few wipes prior before this post 🙂

I’ve heard so much about this and how great it is in removing makeup. I’ve also heard how some user had break out from using this. Personally I didn’t experience any break out. The wipe does remove all makeup just like any other cleansing wipes. However I think the tissue is a bit on the dry side. I’m not sure if all residue is removed because of the dryness of the tissue.

Do double cleanse after that.


L’Oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up Remover – RM19.80 for 125ml
As for eyes…this is one of the drugstore eye makeup remover that I kept buying and buying. I’m very particular about eye makeup remover. I only use bi-phase remover just like this one. Bi-phase removers are the best in removing waterproof eye makeup. I’ve tried gel and cream but non works like oil.

You’re not suppose to rub the remover on your eyes. Just pour some on the cotton pad, put it on your eyes for a few second and wipe gently. Use the other end of the cotton pad to repeat the same process again.

Bioré Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip – RM23.80 for 130ml
Before I bought the full size bottle I’ve tested the sample and it’s really good. In fact most Bioré products are good! This is slightly high on the price tag for a bi-phase eye makeup remover. Remember to shake before use otherwise you’d ended up using all the oil thus the inefficient of the remaining product after that.

If you ask me what’s the different between the rest of bi-phase remover in the market, I think it’s quite similar in terms of performance and efficiency. I wouldn’t mind spending a few RM more to get this to use alternately.


Are you using any of the above? If you need a detail review on any of it, do comment!


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  • I have used Biore Cleansing Oil before. It was good but I don’t remember why I stopped using it. Most probably because I started to use cleansing milk. I’ve used cleansing tissue as well but I don’t remember which brand. I stopped using it because I find it not really environmental friendly, but that’s just me being me.

    • Same here. I can’t remember why I stopped Biore Cleansing Oil. I only remembered getting tired of oily substance on my face lol. And like yourself I converted to cleansing milk.

      Cleansing tissue is not my first priority now :). Just for the once in a blue moon lazy day 🙂

      • I find cleansing tissue rather drying. Could be the alcohol. I like Clarins Total Cleansing Oil but didn’t purchase it. Cleansing milk, I like it. I prefer to wash it off, though some prefer to wipe it with tissue. Cleansing tissue, I only use it if I stay out for a night. No need to lug one bottle of cleansing milk. LOL.

        • Not all. Purederm is alright. You like Clarins Total Cleansing Oil?? I don’t fancy that. It smelt fishy to me LOL!!

  • I don’t remember the scent of the Clarins Total Cleansing Oil but I like the way my skin feels after cleansing. Lol. That’s what I remember. I think the scent is due to the ingredients. Like EA serum. It reminds me of Vitamin E. I came across Purederm many times before but didn’t get it. Oh btw, Biore cleasing tissue is good too.

    • Yea. Everything from Biore is good.

  • Agree with on Biore products are good!

    • For drugstore I’d buy Biore anytime 🙂

  • I am currently using the Loreal make up remover. very effective (:

    • Yeap. Maybelline one also not bad. Cheaper than L’Oreal one too.

  • I tried that biore cleansing oil before but somehow i dislike it because it sometimes stings my eyes when i’m removing my eyes makeup 🙁 But that loreal one is really good,love it 😀 And which Watsons got sell Purederm??i wanna buy it to try it out!

    • Dearie, try using Biore Cleansing Oil as face makeup remover :). I always recommend to separate the removers. First the eyes then the face.

      Purederm is available at most Watsons 🙂

      • Again, I read somewhere that it is better to have 2 different makeup remover – one for the eyes and lips, the other for the face. I used to use both but ever since I stopped using mascara (due to some reasons that I can’t recall at all – it’s a sign I am getting old), I only use makeup remover for the face.

        • Exactly what I advised earlier too. Can’t use one remover for both face and eye.

  • I love the Biore cleansing oil and am on my 3rd bottle now! 😀 I’ve never tried the bi-phase one from Biore though, but my friend says it works really well. I think i still prefer the oil though, haha, coz it’s cheaper and does a good job!

    • I only tried the Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips when Biore sent me one small bottle during their sampling exercise in FB. It’s good so I purchased the full size. Gonna stop buying Clarins one otherwise I’d be broke LOL

  • Love this post 🙂 Some good stuffs can be found in the pharmacies right. I am using the L’oreal eye make up remover and I’m into my second bottle. I think it’s cheap and good. I’ve read L’oreal and Lancome are sister companies, perhaps the formula does not differ too much, just branding and pricing. I’m tempted to try the Biore make up remover too, but I’ve recently stocked up on Hada Labo cleansing oil, perhaps I will stay put for a while. Oh yes, I am very curious about those make up remover sheets too and Simple is one of them. I find their simple formula advertising sounds convincing lol. Purederm is something new to me, I’ll check it out the next time I’m at Watson’s. Generally love this post, thanks for the collective reviews of multi products in a single post for our extra knowledge 🙂

    • Hada Labo cleansing oil is good I heard. I’m rotating with 6 diff makeup remover lol. Need to save up a bit on removers. Hence the budget post 🙂

      On the splurge side, I also like Lancome Bi-Facil.

      Sheets are good on lazy days.

  • On days when I get home late and still remember to reach out to cotton and shake my L’oreal a bit, then I will use it to clean my light eye make up (only eye shadown and mascara because I don’t know how to use eye liner without crying or looking like I have 2 fat leeches on my eye lids >.<). If lazy or I forgot and suddenly find myself in the bathroom, then I will use the Hada Labo cleansing oil to clean my face first before using the usual cleanser. Since my make up is so light, the Hada Labo is effective. So far so good for me. I still have not thought of splurging for make up remover or skincare that you wash off and don't stay on the face, but I have sample size of Lancome Bi-Facil and feels it is good too. That's when I compare with L'oreal and realized that hey, both of them work almost the same 😛

    • Actually most bi-phase eye makeup remover is almost the same 😛


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