Review: Marula Oil; The Purest Facial Oil From The Leakey Collection

First of all sorry for the super late review post that I was suppose to post up earlier. I was piled with lots of backlog last month and I’m glad I can finally get to my precious Marula Oil review now. Hope it’s not too late!

Last month I attended the Malaysia launch and did a brand introduction post on Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection. I also helped with inviting a few of my blogger friends to attend this exclusive and intimate launch. Hope you’ve been reading that previously as I’m not going to elaborate deeply into how, what and why but instead I’m going to review the product after using it for more than a month now.

Marula Oil is an East African product long-renowned for it’s superb anti-aging and healing properties. It is wild-harvested from marula nuts in East Africa and cold-pressed to retain it’s full goodness. Did you know that a 54 kilos of marula nut is needed to produce into this 50ml bottle? Now you know. Marula Oil is different from any other beauty oil that you’ve heard for example argan oil. It contain more oleic acids and antioxidants than grapeseed or organ oil.

Each bottle is packaged in a paper box securely. The inner lid with a hole tucked on the top cap of the bottle so that the bottle is not able to move that easily in the box. The shelf life of the product is 3 years. Once opened it is recommended to finish the bottle within 6 months.

Marula Oil from The Leakey Collected is the purest facial oil that I or you can find in the market. It is expensive because it is so pure that it’s made from 99% of Marula Oil and the rest is a blend of essential oil fragrance. There are other brand of marula oil selling cheaper but it’s not 99% made from marula oil therefore it’s selling for a cheaper price. I’m glad I didn’t see any other brand of marula oil in the market here in Malaysia beside this 🙂

Each bottle is sealed with a security sticker bearing the name Marula at the back. I’m always excited and happy when I see a security sticker. It is an assurance that the bottle is new and unopened. Tear it off and you are good to go!

Call me a noob but I’ve never seen such a dropper bottle before. Marula Oil bottle comes with an automatic pump glass dropper! When I twist the cap, the top part of the cap automatic revealed itself. That means it automatically pumped the oil up to the glass vial. All I need to do is to gently press on the top of the cap to drop a few drops onto my palm. That’s it. It’s really very easy and convenient to use. Making me not lazy to implement this facial oil into my night regime.

The first thing my nose picked up when I took off the cap is lavender. I’m sure my nose picked up a tiny bit of marula oil smell but I guess lavender dominant it lol. Not too bad since I like lavender and it’s really calming taking a sniff even before patting on the face.

I was told that just 2 drops is enough and sufficient for the whole face and neck. At first I used 2 drops but later on finds that I needed more so I put on 2 drops first and another one or two drops on top. I always go with 2 drops first.

Marula Oil is different because it is fast absorbing. Due to its high levels of oleic (omega-9 acid at 60-70% concentrations) it easily penetrates the skin and provides longer lasting hydration. It is also an excellent source of topical antioxidants. This free radical fighting capability is very important for skin healing and anti-aging. It is also an excellent moisturizer that can help plump up skin to reduce fine lines. Just look at how plump the back of my hand is as soon as the oil absorbed in! The before and after picture below says a thousand words 🙂

Besides it’s anti-aging and hydration power, Marula Oil is also known for it’s healing power and are currently widely used by women who undergo cancer radiation treatment.


Dr. Kaidi undertook a 24 patient clinical study to determine the efficacy of Marula Oil in treating damaged skin following radiation therapy for breast cancer. Patients were divided into 2 treatment groups. Patients in group 1 were instructed to apply the Marula Oil to affected skin twice daily for skin healing, while group 2 patients were instructed to apply a skin moisturizer. The patients were examined weekly for 6 weeks. The Marula Oil treated group had a more rapid resolution of erythema and edema. Patients described Marula Oil as soothing and fast absorbing.



I’ve been using Marula Oil continuously every night after eye care before my usual skin care. It gave me a similar result that a hydrating moisturizer gave me. The only different is this only require 2 drops. I always woke up to a supple skin. To be honest ever since I started using Marula Oil my foundation glides on smoothly onto my skin. Not only waking up to a supple skin, I find that I have brighter skin too. It’s amazing that this bottle have all the goodness; anti-aging, hydrating, brightening. Soon I can foresee myself cutting down the rest of my skin care in the nearest future. Being an avid beauty/facial oil user I kinda like this one. It’s pretty much like a skin care comparing to Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil which is more like a treatment oil for oily or breakout skin. So there’s a different with Marula Oil if you ask me.

On the weekend where I don’t put on any skin care or make up, I will only put on Marula Oil. I don’t find it oily or sticky at all eventhough I’ve been walking around town for some errands. And when I took a short afternoon nap I woke up with a beautiful brighter skin. Oh and I know you must be wondering if it broke out on me. The answer is NO 🙂

It’s hard to put in words how wonderful Marula Oil is to the skin unless you try it personally. Marula Oil is suitable for all skin type even oily skin. This will balance out the oil secretion if you have oily or combination skin. If you are allergy to nut, apply a small amount on the back of your hand and leave it for a few hours. If you have no irritation or allergy effect that means it is safe for you to use. It takes a lot of courage to put oil onto the face. But once you’ve tried you’d fall in love with facial oil like me 🙂

Marula Oil contains no preservatives and is a free-trade, vegan and cruelty-free product from The Leakey Collection.
It is available exclusively at and Vitacare KLCC & Mid Valley.
Price: RM299 for 50ml
For more information, visit or their Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Want to try Marula Oil too? Here’s how you can get a sample sachet from me courtesy of Newage Sdn Bhd! Only 20 sachet available.
Marula Oil18_1

Email me (fiona[at]street-love[dot]net) a picture of your problem skin condition and tell me briefly the skin condition that you are facing currently. Also include your Name and Address as I’ll be posting out the sachet if I find that it is suitable for you to try.


29 thoughts on “Review: Marula Oil; The Purest Facial Oil From The Leakey Collection

    1. Let me take picture first and update the review post at the bottom with the giveaway. It’s very limited and I cannot simply give out so I will choose based on picture submission 🙂

    1. Below eye area. Not too much. Just what’s left on your fingers. If you have dry skin then it’s fine. I have combi/oily skin and it’s still okay for me. No oil seed or what so ever. If you are concern just used it on the face.

      Don’t waste my 25 full pumps of sample to you LOL

  1. Simple routine yields better result than complicated routine. For me, that is. I dislike applying the oil AM because it makes the hair around my face oily and eee, my hair looks slick. I don’t like it. Lol.

  2. Damn geli to have oily hair around my face. Some people might like it because to them, that equals shine. Eek! Besides that, I find pimples heal relatively fast. I have itchy hands.. scratched the pimple, then pain. I dabbed some Marula Oil on it, and the next day, it subsided. I love this face oil. Too bad they don’t have discount. RM299 a pop. Must not tell bf :p

    1. Pimple heal fast thanks to the healing properties that Marula Oil had in it. The oil is widely use by cancer patients after they undergo surgery. The wound and scar heals faster.

      I personally experience faster healing when I had my severe skin allergy. Pretty amazing to see how fast it heals. Even the cream that my doctor gave is not doing any good. But once I slap this one for 2 days…I see huge difference. People that are sun burn are recommended to use it too.

    1. From what I see you don’t need Clarins treatment oil. Your face really are clearer so I don’t see a point of implementing that in the routine. However knowing you sure will get it so my advise is to alternate both oil on different days. 2 oil in the same routine is too much.

  3. Still considering about the treatment oil. I’ve checked with Clarins – membership is at RM350. I have identified 2 items to buy from Clarins but it’s not going to hit the RM350 mark. So, I am very likely to put the treatment oil purchase on hold for the time being. I love Marula Oil even though it makes my hair oily. Hehe.

      1. Good idea. I would do so with my next purchase of Clarins products. I love this Marula oil. Going to get this as well. I don’t use it during daytime because my face might be very oily.

  4. I find that now that I am getting old (sob!), scars take their own sweet time to heal and lighten. Read as almost forever. The Marula oil fastens the process. Also, it helps to brighten up my skin.

  5. Marula oil really does live up to the recent hype surrounding it. You can also find some quite good bottlings at relatively lower cost, and it is starting to appear as an ingredient in bigger cosmetic brands.

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