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Bringing my daily skin care regimen to a whole new level with Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence and 2014 Newest Addition, Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme

I have not mention before that my low self esteem when it comes to my face is acne marks. I was born and raised in a conservative environment and taking care of the skin is definitely out of the picture. My mum never use any skin care before all her life. The only makeup she own and applied before on her face is on her wedding day. It’s a good thing that both my parents are born with good skin. Growing up I don’t have any skin problem, that was until secondary school. I’ve read and I was told about puberty and how the skin changes but never in my life I would foresee breakout happening to me. All I remember was my breakout wasn’t cystic acne type. Thinking back to the old days, I was thankful that I was only strike with normal acne breakout. Even so no one ever told me not to squeeze those acne, no one told me not to touch my face with my fingers and no one told me to try this product or that product to minimise acne. My brother inherited all the fair, smooth and good skin from my mum while I inherited a more rough skin appearance from my dad. So my brother still look good during his puberty time and I look like a total smush. I then discovered the wonder of 2-way foundation and secretly apply it onto my face for the last 2-years of secondary school. The foundation covered all the acne marks and I wasn’t feeling that low self esteem as I did before.

Although my complexion can be considered as fair, however I never say no to whitening or brightening products to lighten acne marks that still follows me to date. Lately I’ve been quite athletic in the “whitening Olympic” season, trying out different whitening products then I ask myself…what’s next? Time to go HD 🙂

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD 1
Back in 2012 I bought myself a few CyberWhite products to use. Then in 2013 Estée Lauder launched CyberWhite HD range. This range was inspired after Estée Lauder Research, a brand that has over 25 years of expertise in brightening found that exposure to pollution, in addition to UV, can trigger a response that leads to an excess production of melanin.

In 2014, Estée Lauder adds five more new addition to CyberWhite HD range.

  • NEW Advanced Spot  Correcting Moisture Lotion
  • NEW Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme
  • NEW Advanced Brightening Night Creme
  • NEW Advanced Brightening UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++
  • NEW Advanced BB Creme SPF 50/PA++++

This CyberWhite HD brightening system is empowered by HD-90 Technology. The technology features a potent, unprecedented level of 90% active Baicalin and a soothing ingredient derived from a botanical known. The combination powder of these ingredients will promote an exceptional brightening, that helps inhibit irritation caused by AhR activation. Just like every other brightening range, CyberWhite HD is especially designed for the needs of Asian skin. This is because HD-90 Technology helps to whitens and helps prevent dark spots and discoloration caused by UVA/UVB, stress, aging and even pollution with unprecedented power. Not only the system visibly and dramatically reduce dark spots, it also help the skin to appear more flawless, fair, translucent and appear with a “high definition” clarity. Fortunately for me, I get to try two important product from CyberWhite HD range and that is the Advanced Spot Correcting Essence and Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme 🙂


Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence (RM350 / 30ml)

Advanced Spot Correcting Essence is said to be Estée Lauder’s most advanced whitening essence because of it’s most potent formula that helps to whiten skin. This essence not only reduce and help to prevent dark spots, it also infuse the skin with moisture so that the skin will be hydrated. As we know, whitening product can be a little bit drying on the skin so it is crucial for the essence to maintain moisture balance of the skin, resulting in improvised skin suppleness.

Estee-Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence 1
Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence also contain Quasi-Drug Whitening that helps to reveal “high definition” clarity. So what exactly is this Quansi-Drug Whitening? Quansi-Drug is also know as skin lightening or whitening Quasi-Drugs (QDs) developed in Japan for the prevention or treatment of hyperpigmentary disorders. This comprehensive formula is also Quasi-Drug Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Chapping and Anti- Acne.

Advanced Spot Correcting Essence is extremely light in texture. I would normally use two full pumps each usage as I have larger face area to cover haha. I absolutely love the signature blue sheen bottle and the pump is dense and works perfectly. The essence itself has a hint of yellowish milky white color but it also has a bit of sheen to it, which is visible upon spreading the product out.

Estee-Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence 2
Probably due to the sheen of the Advanced Spot Correcting Essence, I like how glowing my skin is after each application. My skin is boosted with moisture at the same time as well. The essence absorbed in immediately, however it does leave a layer on the skin if I’m using two pumps. Not sticky, just that I can feel it on my skin. If I’m using just a pump, my face is more matte and not tacky at all.

The scent is similar to Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme, which I’m going to talk about later but in lighter scent.

Estee-Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence 3


Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme (RM260 / 50ml)

Not many people know the proper skin care regimen of using a cream product to lock in the essence applied prior. So many people just stop at essence as they felt the skin is already oily from the essence. Do you know that the essence will not stay in the skin if there is no larger molecule product i.e. cream to lock it in? Each time after I applied Advanced Spot Correcting Essence, I will follow up with Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme. This creme is to provide a further deep down hydration and extra comfort to the skin. Meaning this creme enhance and further intensify the essence I applied earlier. It also helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to help protect skin from external assaults such as irritants from pollution.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme 1
Just like the Advanced Spot Correcting Essence, this Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme also contain Quasi-Drug Whitening in it. It’s Quansi-Drug Anti-Inflammatory formula calms and soothes skin to prevent irritation that can lead to an inflammatory cascade and melanin production. As a result, skin will feel much more smoother, supple and looks brighter and more even-toned almost immediately after application.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme 2
The texture of Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme is more of a skin-cushioning texture. This unique texture caught me by surprise because it does look and feel like a cream but goes on the skin differently. In fact it feels heavy and creamy when I warm the product with both palm together. Both my palm hardly can move at all. Once I smooth the creme out onto my face, the heavy creme immediately turns light and it feels watery on the skin. Just like a magic, the creme turns to a different texture. Slippery, watery and so comfortable on the skin.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme 3
I like how light Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme is on the skin. This creme has taken the definition of “cream” to a whole new level. It is no longer thick and sticky as what other people’s perception towards cream is. Comparing this new creme to the old CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Rich Moisture Creme which I’ve used before, the old version is more heavy on the skin and sticky. I never like that old version creme but yet I’ve finished the whole jar as I’m not someone who like to waste skin care. Needless to say I am a fan of the new Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme moisture properties. Despite having an oily skin, I’m using the creme day and night. Oily skin users will be glad to know that the creme does not accelerate sebum secretion on my skin. In fact the moisturizing properties in the creme managed to infuse my skin with a much needed hydration therefore my skin is actually less oilier!

Now back to the scent. The old version creme (CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Rich Moisture Creme) has a scent which I’m not fond with. I find it to be nose clogging and not pleasant. Now that’s something coming from someone who’s very much into fragrant skin care products. I’m still not used to the scent eventhough I’ve finished the whole jar. The new CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme however does carry the same signature CyberWhite scent. The only difference is the improvised scent and according to my nose, I’m glad to know that Estée Lauder tone down the scent quite a bit 🙂

The CyberWhite HD fragrance was developed in Japan and it still features the same beloved signature CyberWhite scent that embodies the purity, tranquility and peacefulness of the color “white.” This signature scent was developed using synesthesia, a true multi- sensory method created by two Japanese perfumers who used olfactive elements to reflect the most favoured associations with the color “white.” In addition to that, the scent also contains a relaxing and calming notes which will help to reduce any stresses that skin could experience. The first impression is created with notes of apple and juicy apricot and the floral accord consists of white nuances of Iris, Rose, and Muguet (Lily of the Valley). The overall fragrance is also supported with a base comprised of Sandalwood, mosses and musk notes.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme 4
Here is the Before and After using both Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence and Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme for a month.

Both my left and right face is a little bit different. On my right face, I have two large acne marks on my jawline. The spot on the left coincidentally had a pimple on it so the spot is now larger than Before *facepalm*. On the other hand, the spot on the right is lighten! Before using Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD, the overall complexion is blotchy due to previous acne marks. After using for a month my face seems to be more even tone.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD 3
Now let’s see what did Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD did to my left face 😀

Comparing to my right face I would probably prefer the left side because there’s no huge acne marks on it. Occasionally I do have a little breakout especially before menstrual cycle. The Before photo you see below is the aftermath of a breakout. I’ve been trying to get rid of all the redness before this but fail. This side of the face especially the jawline appears more blotchy comparing to the other side. After a month, Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD managed to even out the skin tone. All the redness seems to be cool off and acne marks is lighten. Overall complexion appears to be more glowing and smooth as well.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD 4
And lastly the front view of Before and After photo of using Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence and Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD 5
A few days ago, a friend of mine ask me what’s the difference between this Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD and it’s close competitor brand which happen to relaunched their whitening range and which I happened to have the chance to test out earlier. I knew eventually someone will ask me this so I thought of sharing with you the difference.

The competitor brand and product focuses on brightening with new technology and formula to revive skin’s micro-mirrors so that the skin is able to achieve ultimate translucency, even, fair and healthy looking rosy luminescent complexion. What I have seen from my skin after testing out the products is a brighter and more hydrated complexion. What was claimed is exactly what was delivered. The texture of the product is light and not tacky after application. As for Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD, this range also focuses on brightening but one of the product that I’m using – CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence helps to whiten skin, reducing and preventing dark spots. So as a result I’ve seen a more even tone complexion and the most obvious result is the reduction of the appearance of acne marks. I usually top the essence up with CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme that helps to intensify the brightening and whitening effect which explains the obvious result I’ve seen on my skin. The product texture is definitely lighter than it’s competitor. It feels very comfortable on oily skin as well.

The issue of different lighting on the Before and After will always be there despite taking the photo on the same time of the day with the same camera setting. You have to understand that I have no control on the sun shine intensity. Lighting may be different but dark spots doesn’t lie 😉

Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD 2


Estée Lauder CyberWhite HD is a part of the complete CyberWhite collection and it will be available at all Estée Lauder counters nationwide beginning March 2014 onwards.

+ NEW CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Moisture Lotion – RM180
+ NEW CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme – RM260
+ NEW CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Night Creme – RM295
+ NEW CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++ – RM175
+ NEW CyberWhite HD Advanced BB Creme SPF 50/PA++++ – RM175
+ CyberWhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence – RM350
+ CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening BB Balm SPF 30/PA++ – RM175

Visit Estée Lauder Malaysia official website at or Facebook page for latest updates


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • CyberWhite HD seems to work fine on your skin. You do know your skin is rather thin right? I spot some veins and broken capillaries.

    • Hmmm actually I just notice the thin skin. I used to have thick skin LOL. There’s a huge broken vein on my right cheek. A visible dark line 🙁

  • No worries Fiona. The lighting may varies but the result is still visible 😉
    I’ve tried before CyberWhite Brilliant Cells. The pretty blue bottles and jars call out to me when I walk past Estee Lauder counter hihihi. I like that EL is generous with GWP. Like you I don’t have pigmentation to work on. Only stubborn acne marks. My thoughts is… there is no need to get the whole set. Just get the targeted product and it works like a charm. I said this because first I bought the whole set then I repurchase just the main item like essence and cream 😀
    Now you make me want to try CyberWhite HD!

    • Oh yeah. I’m always lured to Estee Lauder because of the GWP. The GWP size is miniature somemore ahak! It will be good to try out the whole basic set like cleanser, lotion, essence, cream and sun protection (optional). That way you get the maximum benefit out of the technology. After finishing that set, then you can repurchase the essential. In your case it’s the essence and cream 🙂

  • I’m using the micro essence now also, hope it works on me as it worked on you!

    • Are you using it with ANR? It will give better result with ANR. I ran out of ANR boo hoo hoo! Time to spend 😛 . Works like a charm for me. Now I add CyberWhite HD. Perhaps these are made to suit each other cause the result is even better.

      • Yes I think they will work better together. But I’m using Micro Essence only, too poor to afford ANR. I’m eating bread now after buying Micro Essence and I think I would need to eat mud if I buy ANR haha!

        • Eh, how come you didn’t get the value set? Inside there’s a deluxe ANR in it together with some stuff I think. Not eat mud, eat grass only haha. You’re so cute.

          • Oh got value set? Ahhhh I think I missed it out…….
            Mud looks like chocolate so I assumed that it will be tastier than the grass…..

            I shall stop my silence and start to leave comment on your blog, since talking to you is fun! Hehe~~

          • Yes got. The set still available actually 🙂 . Some departmental store have different deluxe size in it 😉
            But mud is muddy. Grass at least is fiber lol.

            Ahhh thanks. I love chatting in comments 🙂

          • Anyway I’m not going to check on the set at the counter, make myself heartache and regret only. Next time I should have surveyed properly before buying anything. 🙁 Irrational consumer here…..

            Hehe chatting with you is fun!!! 😛

          • Better don’t go check. Later you cannot sleep. I don’t check anymore after buying hehe. There’s a lot of promo going on here and there. I usually wait. But limited edition set is while stock last. Anyhow I still wait till the very last min one hehe.

            Thanks for chatting with me. I strongly agree to interaction in the blog 😛

  • all products very useful foe me .i hope evryone get the very good resul from this product.



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