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Skin Food Black Sugar Mask: Sugar, sweet and everything nice

Oh hello! I am back for another face scrub review 🙂 . I love face scrub. I especially love using face scrub after a long day of having makeup on. Face scrub is also a good way to scrub of all the dead skin cells from the skin surface and to remove all the yucky stuff that are stuck in the pores. Talking about face scrub already got me so excited. Let me excite you more with another fantabulous product that I have been using for a good few months. And I am hitting the bottom of the jar of Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask
First of all, please ignore the beat up label on the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask cap 😀 . I had it on the vanity shelf in my bathroom and water got onto the cap like no body’s business. I have really been enjoying the product and I tried not to be as generous as I am on the usual so that I can have this scrub longer. I managed to drag it for a few months and I keep reminding myself to review this since I am about to finish the tub. Lucky me that I remember this time round!

Now, we all know how I like my face scrub to be. I like to feel the scrub grains scrubbing my face. Most of you, don’t. There is nothing wrong with that. We are just different individual and we each have our own preference. The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is in the middle of that. It is an exfoliating wash-off scrub-slash-mask that leaves skin clean and revitalized. It contain sugar bits in it that acts as the scrubbing grains.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Product
On the look itself, it does look harsh on the skin. Once I scooped it out from the tub and applied it on my face, I was not expecting the scrub to be this soft. It smells absolutely yummylicious and sweet. Of course. It is a black sugar after all. Have I tried licking it? You bet lol! It is sugar alright. No doubt about it.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Texture
Sugar usually do not melt with scrubbing motion. This one does. It melts and get sticky watery as I massage it on my face. I would scoop out a big dollop, warm the product slightly using both palm and massage all over the face. It has a little bit of warm sensation. It is not as harsh as I expected it to be, which will be a good news for most people. I like it as I can massage the scrub longer on my face without face feeling sore or pain. As this Black Sugar Mask also acts as a mask, you are recommended to leave the scrub on for 10 to 15 minutes, which I don’t. No particular reason. Just that I forget all the time and because I massage the product longer, I guess I am alright.

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Texture 2
No wonder this Black Sugar Mask are sold out ALL THE TIME. It is ridiculously good. It makes my skin feels clean and good. It makes me feel good and happy. I only use this face scrub once a week. I try to scrub lesser these days as my skin are slightly dry now. However when I do use this face scrub, I am amazed with how smooth, soft and clean my face is thereafter. Rinsing on the other hand is easy peasy. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly to get all the sugar off the face 😀


Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is available at all Skin Food outlets or online stores. Just google 🙂 . I bought mine from Althea for RM26.

Online Store: Althea, Hermo

Price: RM26 (Althea), RM26.91 (Hermo promo price as at 10/1/16)


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • You lick it?? Huhh? :P. This always sold out. I see Hermo is having promo with buy 2 free shipping ^^

    • I did! Was wondering about the black sugar 😛 Yes. Go grab from Hermo!


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