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ELF Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover: Removing Liquid Lipstick Is No Longer A Pain!

ELF Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover
For those who have moved to the darker side aka liquid lipstick, you will understand when I tell you that removing liquid lipstick at the end of the day can be a pain. It is especially a pain to remove if you have darker shade on.

I did not know that there is product that are specially made to remove liquid lipstick until I stumbled upon an online seller selling this ELF Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover. ELF Cosmetics has been my all time favourite affordable product to buy, however this brand is not available directly in Malaysia unless you get it from pre-order or online seller like I did. My favourite iHerb site carries a small varieties of ELF products but not the latest releases sad to say.

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CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder: My absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world

I cannot believe I have not tell you about my absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world and it is super affordable too!

I go through setting powder very fast. And I own a lot at the same time, rotating each of it everyday so that I could used them up on faster rate in order to buy new one. Recently I find it very hard for me to use other powder than CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder. To be honest, I still cannot find anything that gives me the same finishing and coverage as this CATRICE one.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 1
I like my base product to give me a matte finishing. Everything have to be matte as usually I would be out the whole day so I need to ensure my face stays oil-free for the rest of the day. Of all matte settting / finishing powder I have tried, so far the best is still CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder.

Bourjois Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine: Instant push up lashes with volume, length and curl

Mascara is my cheat way to not using eyeliner. I believe most people cannot leave the house without any eyeliner, however I am the opposite. I would be gladly to skip eyeliner and yet I cannot live without mascara. I find mascara to be easier to apply especially when I am in the rush comparing to eyeliner. When you are in the rush, eyeliner can go very wrong 😛

Bourjois has a few pretty interesting mascara. And just recently they came out with Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine, which goes well hand in hand or on it’s own. Let me rephrase. These two goes superbly well together. So why separate them right? 😉

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine

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Maybelline Velvet Matte: Liquid-to-matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t turns matte

One thing I hate about Facebook is that they are changing the way news feed appears on our timeline so frequently that I’m constantly missing new updates from the pages I’m following. Maybelline Malaysia has been teasing us with their new matte liquid lipstick and all that does not appear on my timeline. I only found out that Maybelline has a new Velvet Matte liquid lipstick when I was browsing through Guardian Malaysia Facebook page for their weekly promotions (love Guardian promo). Coincidently, it was the last day of Velvet Matte promo price of RM26.15 that I just had to drive to a Guardian to get it. Before that, I google for swatches online and concluded that I would get MAT 12 only as the rest of the colors are just too bright for everyday wear. For me that is 😀

Maybelline Velvet Matte
Maybelline Velvet Matte by Color Sensational is a liquid-to-matte velvet finish liquid lipstick. What this means is, this is a lipstick in liquid form that would set to a velvet matte finishing. The concept is pretty similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick which is like the queen of all liquid lipstick. I personally like matte lipstick, not so much of a liquid lipstick fan due to the hassle application but if it’s gonna set to a matte finishing, count me in!

Bourjois Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Make Up - Face Review: Make Up

Bourjois Air MAT: Create a perfect complexion with this airy light, matte, full coverage foundation

Believe it or not, I find that matte foundation are hard to get here in Malaysia despite the fact that we are living in a hot and humid country. Yes there are a small selection of matte foundation available but the choices are very limited. I’ve own half if not all matte foundation I can get my paws on. Some are too matte that it dries out my skin from the inside and I ended up with more oil secretion on my face. I have a “hard to please” face people. So hard to please. So when Bourjois Malaysia posted up the new Air MAT on their Facebook page, I was intrigued.

Bourjois Air Mat
Air MAT is specially designed for those who are looking for a smooth, light AND matte finishing foundation that are long lasting. Typically from what I understand, matte foundation are more long lasting due to the formula. Air MAT got its name from what the foundation is infused with. You guessed it right. AIR! The “air” in the foundation are said to give the skin a soft, smooth texture so skin are able to breathe comfortably.

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Essence Longlasting Lipliner: Who would have thought a lipliner that cost less than 10 bucks is this good

Essence and I, we don’t get along. I used to like the brand until they screwed up customer service on their social media. Then came a nut case going after me on Facebook because the eyeliner pot I bought was all dried up and Essence did not want to take responsibility. It’s either this nut case is a hard core fan of Essence cosmetics Malaysia or she is someone working in Essence Malaysia lol. Anyway…

So. I’ve been hearing about the Essence Longlasting Lipliner for quite some time. I am on the lip liner kick a few months ago and it never crossed my mind to even check out Essence. Why spend on a brand that doesn’t care about their customer and customer service right? That’s what I had in mind for years. One crazy afternoon swatching at Watsons without any supervision and that’s it. I went home with these lip liners.

Essence Longlasting Lipliner
Despite the brand having a permanent placement in selective Watsons stores and they are quite easy to bump into, I always find that their products are either out of stock or they are not fully displayed. I absolutely hate shelves that are neither here or there. The Longlasting Lipliner are quite a new range in Essence and they are a pain to search for. It is always out of stocks. I finally found tons of it at Watsons Damansara Uptown. That afternoon, I bought just 2 lipliner – 08 Girl Next Door and 07 Plum Case. A week later, I took a casual morning stroll at Watsons Kajang and bought another 2 lipliner – 05 Lovely Frappucino and 06 A Girl’s Dream.