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Guardian Sunway Pyramid Unveiled with New Exclusive Concept for Better Customer Shopping Experience

Guardian Sunway Pyramid 1
Guardian Sunway Pyramid underwent a renovation recently and the portfolio of the new exclusive Guardian concept store design was unveiled on the 22nd August 2017. This particular Guardian store at Sunway Pyramid is not a stranger to me because I frequently visited this store on weekly basis whenever I am at the mall.

This would be Guardian’s fourth latest concept store, a different one from Mid Valley store if you ask me. The upgrade was necessary as Guardian Malaysia’s commitment to their customers are to constantly reinvent itself to enhance shopping experience.

Event Murad News

Murad City Skin Duo To Combat Against All Environmental Aggressors

Murad City Skin Duo 1
Apologies on the late posting of this NEW Murad City Skin Duo. The plan was to do a review instead of the usual beauty news but then I realized I am going to be super busy until the end of the year so I scrapped the review plan. However don’t give up on me yet as I believe individual review will definitely be up. Just no idea when 😛

I can never stress how good Murad products are. They were also the very first sponsor for #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag who agreed to be on board within 5 minutes of telling them about my campaign. So far I have received nothing but good feedback on the products received. Why am I telling you this? Well, Murad recently launched Murad City Skin Duo, consisting of City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 and City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, and I am confident they are just as good! Yes I’m bias LOL.

Clarins Event News

Clarins Opens World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 1
You girls know I have a soft spot for Clarins. I have seen Clarins’ evolvement over the years from their packaging revolution to reformulation of their best products turning into great products, new technology and science, and now evolving from departmental store beauty counter to standalone retail kiosk. And you know what? Clarins World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall is only 5-minutes away from me. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me 😀

I visit IOI City Mall almost every other day and I walk pass their newly opened retail kiosk all the time. They are strategically located in front of H&M. You won’t miss this bright kiosk in the middle of the walk way on the Ground Floor. They are on the same floor as every other beauty brand, which is a level where I named as the “beauty floor”.

Etude House Event News

Etude House Sunway Pyramid Flagship Store Opening + A Virtual Store Tour

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 1
Etude House is FINALLY here!

Wait a minute. *hand brake sound*. Hang on. Hold the horses. Isn’t Etude House been in Malaysia for years?!

Yes they are. In fact, Etude House in Korea is under Amore Pacific, the same company that has Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde and so on under the same umbrella. Over here in Malaysia, Etude House was under a different company. The suspicion of the fallout began when Etude House Facebook page name was changed to something else and it sent a notification to all their fans. Then rumours started to go around saying Amore Pacific actually took back Etude House. And then the massive clearance sale happened and fast forward to last month, the new Etude House was launched – grandly and successfully.

Event News Nutox

Face-to-Face with Hong Kong Actress Nancy Wu for Nutox Renewing Treatment Launch

Nutox Renewing Treatment 1
I had an interesting Friday last week. Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu, who’s also the ambassador for skincare brand Nutox was here in Klang for a meet and greet session with her fans as well as to officiate the official launch of the NEW Nutox Renewing Treatment range. Nancy is currently on Astro On Demand series “The Unholy Alliance”, which I love to watch every night. No kidding! I am not for one that goes after movie stars, but Nancy Wu is kinda irresistibly beautiful to resist 🙂 . As soon as she step out, I was in awe. She looked exactly the same as on TV lol 😛 . Beautiful as ever.

Nancy Wu was here to promote the new Nutox skincare range; Renewing Treatment, which comes in a pale pink packaging. Major love! She is the best testament to every woman’s ultimate skin goal, and that is to be youthful with flawless radiance complexion. And because we are Asian and we live in a hot and humid country, our skin tend to be dull. Are you aware that skin dullness is also the first sign of aging? Other skin aging symptoms includes wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, which decreases the skin’s natural renewal abilities. Nutox Renewing Treatment is made to help the skin to renew itself gently but yet effectively.

Event L'Erbolario News

L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi Transport You to Cherry Blossom Garden and Awaken Your Senses

L'Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi 1
Let’s be honest here. I suck at pronouncing brand name. It took me a while to pronounce “L’Erbolario”, and when I was told about the newest body care range “Tra i Ciliegi”, I gave up trying HAHAHA 🙂 . The trick is to say it once and fast and keep on repeating it till you get it lol.

L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi, ahhh I like how my tongue twisted when I actually say it out loud. L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi. Okay I should stop now. You might shop before at L’Erbolario store or even walk pass it because it is this beautiful floral green store with everything smelling nice and looking vintage. The newest of its body care is Tra i Ciliegi, which is cherry blossom in short.