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Cruelty-Free: What is it? Why you should be concerned about product you use and how you can help

Cruelty-free. We’ve heard, we’ve read, we’ve been told but we ignored it. This hasn’t been in my mind until two hours ago when I was about to place an order for Rimmel cosmetics through Asos website. It was what stated on Paula’s Choice product review page that made me sign out from my account and close the page. The powerful sentence was just a four letter words, which said – Tested On Animals: Yes. That four letter words was staring at me directly from the monitor of my notebook.

Cruelty-Free Logo
As this is rather a sensitive issue, I will be quoting and summarising from and for your convenient and easy understanding. There’s so much info in both website or even the internet that I would suggest you to visit the website and do some research if you’re free.

Info Random Rant

Bad Online Shopping Experience: Kiss & Tell

As I am writing this I still feel very disappointed with my recent purchase at a highly recommended online store – Kiss & Tell.

I ordered this beautiful peep toe nude pump for RM99 after confirming the size with the seller. I was even given a RM10 discount for subscribing to their newsletter. And the best part? PosLaju is free too. Customer service was also top notch. The shoe delivery was delayed unexpectedly and the seller took the initiative to drop me an email on it which I am fine. All is still good until I received the shoe today.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.50.31 PM
The first thing I notice as soon as I took the shoe out from the box is this.

The bottom of this “new” shoe seems dirty and scratchy. It seems like someone has been wearing it? Even shoes on display at Vincci which has worn by countless people doesn’t even look as bad as this!

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My CNY Eve Must-Do; This Year it’s 180° Different

Every year before CNY I’d be doing spring cleaning for my room. It’s a lot easier back then before I started this beauty blog. This year I had a major dilemma. I have no idea where to start! I’ve started cleaning many weeks ago but avoiding the beauty product stash areas and cabinets. The only stash I had reorganized many weeks ago is the LENNART Drawer Unit. I’m suppose to clean and reorganize my beauty stash and I have no idea how because it’s too overwhelming all thanks to beauty boxes. So I’m taking this opportunity to announce that I’m taking a break from beauty boxes next month onwards 🙁 boo hoo hoo.

Don’t be surprise if I told you I wash my car every week 2 weeks. I don’t let anyone touch my car. I’m manly like that lol. So no surprise that I must wash and polish my car’s interior and exterior on CNY Eve. I’m crazy with my car that I polish the dashboard, side panels and tyres! I guess there’s not many girls that are into cars and I’m one of the rare species LOL!


Garnier Marula Oil Rant Simple

My First Severe Skin Allergy + A Bit of Rambling

2 weeks ago on a Friday I decided to try a BB cream that is highly raved from almost every corner in the world. Been reading so many good review on this so I finally got it. I had bought this 2 weeks earlier and I think it’s time to put this to a test and do a review on it. I put this on around 8am and just before I step out for lunch I had a slight itch and burning sensation on my forehead. I thought I was just feeling hot so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After lunch I took a look in the mirror and I can see that my forehead swell up a bit and the texture is uneven. I guess that’s what people called as “bee hive” which will only happen if you have allergy. I am fortunate to have the type of skin that I can slap on anything so I have not had this before and I was clueless. By the time I got off work I couldn’t stand the increasing itch on my face. After I reached home and removed my makeup my mum commented that I was looking pink. By night time I can see that I turned to red and my face is slightly hot when I touch it. Then I knew something is not right. I didn’t apply any skin care that night. But my face was so itchy that I applied Clinique Moisture Surge on because the gel cools my face down. I couldn’t sleep properly that night as it started to get painful. I remember waking up at 3am to look at the mirror. I guess I was hoping that everything will be okay after a sleep but I was wrong. I was still quite red as before and this time my face is swollen. The next morning I woke up with burning hot, maroon color, itchy and painful face. When I looked into the mirror I was horrified. My entire face was so burning red and I was a few tone darker. My face swelled up quite a lot too. I looked like I had severe sun burn. By 9am I rushed to the nearest skin specialist clinic bringing along the said BB cream. Doctor confirmed that I had severe skin allergy and it’s quite bad judging from the fact that I only had the BB cream in less than 9 hours. I was so worried that it’s going to be a permanent damage as my neighbor had the same thing too and it’s permanent for her. Doctor said it is not but will take a longer time to recover so I need to bear going out with this face for some time. I kept asking the doctor if it’s going to be permanent for several more time before leaving the clinic. I was prescribed with anti-itch med for morning and a different one for night as well as a face cream. The culprit? It’s the famous Garnier BB Cream. Hell yeah.

Skin Allergy1

Hair Syle Random Rant

My Not-So-New Hair Style

If you’ve notice, my hair style is no longer straight but rather curly. That’s because at the beginning of March I went to do a digital perm at Miko Kajang. I have no idea what had gone into me. I went home after a Saturday shopping at KLCC and I said to my mum “I have decided”. My cluessless mum was curious on what is it that I have decided. That’s when I told her I’ve decided to perm my hair! So random I know.

Instead of wasting time asking around friends which is the best hair salon to go, I waste no time thinking or asking and I checked in Miko which is located at Kajang Prima. Apparently they’re running a promo for digital perm for all hair length for RM199 but because my hair was too straight the stylist don’t recommend that. But instead she recommend me using L’Oreal products for my perm which cost me RM350! I actually thought (can’t blame me, never been to that salon before mah!) that she just wanna cheat me off but since there’s a warranty for the perm that I wanted if I use L’Oreal, I agreed. She couldn’t agree on a discount however but later on ended up giving me a 10% discount which sums up to RM315. I wanted to shorten my hair a little bit and it’s free of charge too. I took this perming opportunity to part my hair line from left to center as well 🙂

The hair cut process was very slow. The stylist really took her time cutting my hair which I appreciate rather than cutting is hurriedly. Then she apply the curling cream (smells nice too) and left it for 45 minutes I think.


After washing off the cream, she and her colleague start to curl my hair with the plastic curler (heavy one too) and hooked all the curler to a machine. Yeap. I do felt like I’m in Men In Black. I wanted a big curl but she said big curl doesn’t last long so she did a medium curl instead. After some time the curl will be something like big curl.


Online Shopping Crappy-ness Moment

I got into another online shopping crap yet again. Judge for yourself.

Me: Hi,

It seems that I’m unable to view your listing properly in the blog. Some doesn’t have link.

Wanna ask if the following is available:
1) Winged Ring
2) Vespa (white)
3) Triangular Rings


Seller: Hi fiona!

Im aware of it, some coding went wrong, going to change it later this week

any pls find order advice

1) Winged Ring rm18 ok
2) Vespa (white) rm12 ok
3) Triangular Rings rm23 ok

pls advice on the sort of postage youd like to opt for pos daftar (rm3) or poslaju (rm7)

Me: Hi dear,

Just to double confirm on Triangular Rings. Will the color change?

Me: Opps left out another question. It it adjustable?

Seller: so far, i havent seen color changes and have tried wearing a pair for a week or so.. (i usually keep a pair and test), and yes they are adjustable 🙂

anyway, if you are opting for post daftar, its free 🙂 so total need to bank in is rm53

my maybank acc is XXXXXX
pls do tell me when youve banked in ok? 🙂

Me: Great! I want all :). PosDaftar is fine for me.


Seller: alright, noted. when can you make payment? 🙂

Me: When are you sending out? [since she’s so “kan-cheong” about payment I must also ask this. To be frank I’m offended with her question above]

Seller: prob tues or wed 🙂

Me: Ok. Great. I’ll bank in on monday as I’m busy with events lately.


Seller: alritey, try bank in early monday la so less rush for me to do packing also 🙂 tq and have a nice weekend 🙂

Me: I’ll try. Very busy lately.

Me: Payment made on Monday 11.26am. [gave seller the payment details & shipping details]

Seller: thanks payment confirmed! sure, i usually bubblewrap, use some cotton wool and put it in a box anyway lol.

Me: Lol. Good good thanks 🙂

Me: Posted out? [asked on 4th Apr. By right parcel is suppose to be posted but there’s no reply]

Seller: Hi Fiyona, not yet. the stuff just arrive today, will send tmr 🙂 [she meant send Thursday 5th Apr]

Me: Parcel tracking number pls. [asked today, 6th Apr. Getting annoyed of the waiting]

Seller: going to pos in the afternoon, will advice when i get the code. thanks

Me: Huh? You haven’t post out yet?? You promised to post out Tue or Wed which is why I banked in on Monday morning as requested. After that you said the item just arrived which is even more weird as I wasn’t informed prior that it’s not ready stock. Then you said you’re going to post out tomorrow on Wednesday which is yesterday. And today you said gonna post out in the afternoon.

Sigh. So disappointed to be frank.

Seller: sigh, frankly said i was also delayed by customs on my end. the stuff really was suppose to arrive on monday, which was fine. but for some reason, they held on to it for a few more days @@. sry for the trouble, but please understand i have a full time job as well. and im really doing my best to get everything out asap if its beyond my powers. do you need the stuff urgently for some sort of event or something ka? really sry..

Me: Yes but you should have update me instead of letting me wait. It’s not about having a full time job or not. I do have a job too and I still run an online store a few years back. If my stocks arrived late I will email my customers to update them instead of letting them wonder where’s the parcel going to arrive.

Seller: usually i do that, but was extremely swamped these few days. im really sry la, and i really hope theres no hard feeelings ok, its not intentional, just abit of oversight on my part, i admit.

Me: PosLaju out then.

Seller: ald. you can start tracking it later in the evening