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MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” September 2013 Edition Review

This month’s MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” Box was delivered out slightly late than their usual shipment day. It was nerve wrecking for me in so many ways as I ordered three boxes for my friends.

Earlier of the month just before the shipment, I was contacted by MIVVA to fill in a survey form as this month’s box will contain contact lens. I thought it was thoughtful of them to ask me before sending out. But at the same time my mind started to go wild on whether three of my friends who will receive a box from me are contact lens user. The day finally came. I was at work while my complimentary box was sent to home address so I do a quick Instagram check on the content of the box. I told you earlier that it was nerve wrecking for me as three of my friends worked in a top beauty company. I need the box to look good. I’ll tell you what they think at the end of this post 🙂

So here’s the content of MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” September 2013 Edition in a glance.

A quick summary on the content. To be frank, I’m not hating this month’s box but it’s way too many sachet 🙁

The good news is…there’s a few full size product in the box.

Full Size Arty Professional Mania Face Color (FN)

The color that I received is FN which is a matte coral / orange. At first I thought this is purely an eyeshadow judging from the size of the pan but it’s way too orangey to be used as one. Then only I saw the word “Face Color” on the box haha. Actually according to Arty Professional this is a dual-usage product. You can use it as eyeshadow or blusher. I think it is much better off as blusher :D.

Arty Professional is a famous cosmetic brand from Thailand. I blogged about it before. Do check out past post on Arty Professional at this link and this link. I own a similar pan but with shimmers. Now I have two 😉

Vibrant and highly pigmented color and amazing comfort. Unique formulation ensure true color intensity and long-wear performance. It is available in an array of more than 60 mesmerizing hues in either a matte or shimmer finish. It also can be used as eye color or cheek color. Contain Apple and Peach extract for healthier skin, Avocado as a natural moisturizer and Cranberry extract that are rich in anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals.

RM45 each pan



Full Size BeautyMate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (1-piece)

If you think “ah man this is another repeat”, well it’s not. Yes it’s another BeautyMate sheet mask but it’s a different variant this time. For me sheet mask is still acceptable as everyone uses sheet mask 😀

This mask contain gentiana lutea root, kiwi, coconut and aloe as well as whitening and hydrating factors from black pearl powder. It help to lock in moisture, nourishes and improve skin tone. As a result, you will have a more brighten skin. Especially for those with uneven skin tone but all skin type is suitable to use too.

RM36.90 for 7-pieces



Full Size IGEL Magic Foxi Color Contact Lenses (Dark Blue)

I’m not contact lens user. I’m also not into color contact lenses. I don’t know how :P. I know what you’re thinking. Why do I still received a color contact lenses after filling the survey? I’ve been wondering myself too. Based on MIVVA’s reply in my Instagram, it was actually a request from IGEL. The brand insisted that everyone should receive it. So it’s not MIVVA’s fault ;). MIVVA actually ask me if I would like to exchange with eye drop but it’s too troublesome for the girls so I rejected. Anyone want the color lens let me know 😀

Couldn’t find the description in the card for this range though.

Now comes the array of sachetssssss.

Asience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner (15ml each sachet)

This range gently cleanses and enriched with the New Asian Beauty Formula that penetrates into the inner fibres to repair, strengthen and protect damaged hair while replenishing lost moisture and nutrients keeping hair bouncy and shinny from root to tip!

Shampoo – RM14.90/220ml, RM26.80/530ml
Conditioner – RM14.90/220ml, RM26.80/530ml

Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner (15ml each sachet)

This range on the other hand gently cleanses and enriched with the New Asian Beauty Formula that penetrates into inner fibres to refresh and soften dull and lifeless hair while balancing scalp’s moisture. As a result, hair is lighter and bouncier from the roots.

Shampoo – RM14.90/220ml, RM26.80/530ml
Conditioner – RM14.90/220ml, RM26.80/530ml

Asience is probably my favorite and most used drug store hair care products since many years ago. But at that time there is only one range – the gold range. The smell is oh-so-nice and makes my hair 1000x lighter. After that Asience launched another range, which I can’t remember whether it’s the green one or the pink one. I’ve tried it all. But I always go back to the gold range.

Well, that was quite a few years back. My hair condition might be different now. It’s good to rekindle with old flame.



Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion (5ml each)

I like Somang gift set. They always package their deluxe sample nicely, that I once mistaken it as cookie lol. I like how they package a toner with emulsion as a set. Although not a complete 3-step but it’s good enough for me. To be frank, I have not used the previous set so I can’t tell you how good or bad Somang is. But just to update you on what I started last week. I took out all these deluxe sample set to use. They are too cute to use but I have no choice as my stash is getting larger. Eventually I’ll get to Somang 😛

Danahan Bon Yeon Jin regain skin’s original power back with the harmony of yin and yang. It activate blood circulation, enhancing skin’s absorbing power and comes with intensive anti-wrinkle properties.

Toner – RM174.90 for 160ml
Emulsion – RM174.90 for 160ml

Somang Air-Bliss BB SPF30/PA++ (Sachet 2X)

This BB cream is as light and smooth as dessert. The skin feels like able to breathe the air and fresh finishing for a natural looking skin tone while skin is protected from harmful UV rays.

RM94.90 for 50ml

Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ (Sachet 2X)

This whitening sun cream reduces uneven pigmentation over time while a high degree SPF50+/PA+++ provide a UVA and UVB protection creating a barrier that defends the skin from wrinkles and sun-induced age spots. The texture is easily absorbed into the skin for a weightless feel that can easily be worn under makeup, leaving skin a clear long lasting glow.

RM89.90 for 50ml

There is a little cute gift from MIVVA personally in every box and every month without fail. This month there is a hand-held wooden mirror. A useful gift indeed 🙂

So…what do I think about this month’s box? We will see 😛

What I Like

MIVVA is absolutely the only beauty box that are able to provide an array of product and brands for their subscribers to try. In this month’s box, there is something for the face, something for the hair, makeup and also something for the eyes. We also see new brand being introduced such as Asience and Arty Professional.

What I Don’t Like

That we are not informed about the delay in shipment. If it’s not because I emailed the girls, I wouldn’t have know it. As I said earlier I was particularly picky and anxious on this box because I was gifting it to three of my friends in the beauty company. I totally understand that this month’s box is slightly personalized therefore it will take some time.

I’m also not keen with all the sachet in the box. I don’t hate the box because it does provide good product and brand in it. I just don’t like sachet that’s all. Two out of three friends said they like the box because of the thought behind it. This conclude that they are not particularly excited with the content. One friend said the box contain too much sachet. I have to agree on this though.


There’s nothing wrong with this month’s MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” box in general. Not liking sachet is just individual preference. As for the brand and product selection, MIVVA still tops every other box in my opinion. If only the sachet comes in a bottle hehehehe. Let’s not forget there’s full size in the box as well. My favorite would be the Arty Professional Face Color.

What’s yours?

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Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I always love to read your reviews on all the beauty boxes!
    Can I have the color lens pls Fiona? 😛

    • Thanks. Glad to hear you love reading it 🙂
      I’ll choose who to get the color lens soon 😛

  • I felt quite neutral on this month’s box. Not disappointed mind you, but I certainly didn’t feel as excited when I opened the box compared to last months.

    Since there was such a hoo hah about coloured contacts with all the questionnaires and stuff, I was really expecting to receive coloured contacts so I was a bit surprised to see normal contacts. I guess they might not have coloured contacts for higher powers unlike Freshkon. 🙁

    My conclusion after using both sets of Somang – they are so not suitable for oily skin! My oil production went off the charts using the toner and emulsion set this time. Maybe it’s more suitable for dry skin or cold weather… Also I get that having the set look all classy is probably part of their branding but it really makes getting the emulsion out of the bottle a pain in the butt! If even Clarins can make samples in those mini tubes, I don’t see why they can’t as well.

    Slightly off topic now, I remember you mentioned in previous posts before that you like the Clarins in 1U for their service. May I know which Clarins counter that was? Or is it the individual Clarins boutique on High Street?

    • Same here, neutral but not disappointed. I was less excited when unboxing as well. Oh so you filled in the questionnaire on wanting the lens eh? I filled in for no as I don’t wear any of that, not even normal lens. But at least you get to try a new contact lens brand 😀

      Oh gosh! I have oily skin! I’ve read about Somang elsewhere on this as well. I suppose they are too rich. Each brand package differently :). Maybe they are not aware of the emulsion in a mini bottle issue.

      I always go to Clarins Aeon in 1U previously. The one on High Street is Skin Spa :D. Now the Counter Manager of Clarins Aeon 1U is based at Metrojaya MV. Perhaps you can drop by to look for her? Tell her you are Fiona’s blog reader and she will be able to assist you further 🙂

  • This month’s MIVVA box was so-so for me, I wasn’t particularly happy about getting sachets too, cos I felt that we should at least get deluxe samples. But I do love the contact lenses though 🙂

    • Yea…if only all the sachet comes in a bottle haha. Good for you on the contact lenses. I’m not disappointed getting it because come to think of it…I would rather not wearing any lens hehehe. It’s a blessing lol.

  • I want the contact lens pleaseeeeeee 🙂

    • Oh hi Anilah. First time seeing you here 😛

  • Hello Fiona 🙂 Yes, recently stumbled upon your site when i was googling up on beauty boxes 🙂 It’s my first time commenting, however :p but i do check your site on a daily basis to keep myself updated with the amazeballs world of beauty <3

    • Thanks Anilah :). It’s good to see silent reader popping in 😉

  • I want contact lenses pweeeese 😀

  • When I was unboxing this box I also feel not excited as before.
    Too much of sachets as I normarlly won’t try out sachet due to I can’t keep it to use for second time, the essence will become low quality if expose to air.
    All the previous boxes I can keep open it to see and place beside me because too excited with the contents inside but this box I just see once and put aside. How dissapointed to me towards this box.
    The content I like the most in this box is the lens. =D

    • I can totally understand about putting the box next to you cause I do the same too hehe. Actually Asience sachet ml is quite generous. The only downside is that it comes in sachet, not bottle 🙁
      MIVVA always rebounce. Don’t worry. They will be better. Did you get the lens kit or this Magic Foxi?


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