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It has been quite a while, Hello Guerlain!

Yes it has been quite a while since my last Guerlain haul. The last haul is Guerlain by Emilio Pucci. I’m still using the meteorites perles and brush from the collection to date. I nearly grab a can of Meteorites Perles du Dragon until I saw how pretty Meteorites Perles Du Paradis for Spring 2013 collection is. Anyway Meteorites Perles du Dragon would be too white for me.

Yesterday morning I dropped by Isetan KLCC hoping to bump into Irene; the BA for Guerlain counter. Coincidently she is on morning shift. Initially I wanted to grab Meteorites Perles Du Paradis (RM203) and Le 2 de Guerlain mascara (RM124). Just when I was about to confirm my purchase I tested the latest Blanc de Perle skin care which was placed on the desk of where I was sitting. I kind of know I would like the UV Base range besides the P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence yesterday when I blogged about it. After tested all four range – UV Shield, Smoothing UV Base, Lightening UV Base and Correcting UV Base…I settle with Correcting UV Base (RM190) as it provide sunblock, makeup base and coverage at the same time. I can imagine how simple my makeup routine would be on lazy days. I also like Smoothing UV Base so that would be in my wish list in the future 🙂

Here’s the mini haul that cost me RM393. That’s near to RM400 for 2 item only *faint*



Guerlain Blanc de Perle Skin Care & Make Up for 2013; Reinventing Whitening Protection

As you know February is also known as the Whitening marathon month where you’d see each brand coming out with new or improved whitening products regardless skin care or make up. Guerlain is one of them. This year Guerlain Blanc de Perle skincare has a newly reinvented technology called the Skin Shield Technology which protects the skin from inside out. Besides that there’s also a series of reinvented whitening make up products with a Limited Edition Blush G Sakura Cherry Blossom Blush.

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Make Up Tips – Pencil Eyeliner as Base; Perfect for Everyday Wear

Since CNY is just around the corner and I’m already on leave so I thought I’d wake up earlier to do this makeup tips post. I have been wanting to post this up months ago but just didn’t have the time. This is a tips from Adrian Sin; Burberry and RMK Beauty Trainer which I picked up at RMK makeover last year. It is simple and yet useful and versatile for everyday wear that I’ve been implementing to my daily makeup myself.

Before I start I must mention a disclaimer in advance as I know some of you can be quite judgmental and harsh. I’m no makeup expert, this is a tips that I picked up personally from a makeup guru which I think is worth to be share to you guys as I had the privilege to meet and had my makeup done by Adrian not once but twice. And during numerous encounter with Adrian I managed to get some pointers, tips and tricks from him.


I’m not going to talk about prep-ing your face with skin care or base makeup. I assume you guys are expert now. I’m just going to jump directly to the main topic which is using pencil eyeliner as eye makeup base.

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Review: Taking Your Blues Away with Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder & Powder Brush

Guerlain Malaysia launched the Limited Edition Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection mid May this year. Yeap, that was 3 months ago. At first I was told the collection would be on sale by 20th May but when I was casually browsing in Isetan KLCC 7 days before that I was surprised to find that the collection is already on sale. Although a month before that I bought Teint Beige from the permanent range…I fell in love with the illuminating effect that meteorites gave me and I was addicted to be a collector. I only wanted to get the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder but I was persuaded to get the Limited Edition Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Powder Brush as well.

First up. Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder (RM189). I paid RM8 more compare with the permanent range and since it’s limited edition, it’s really quite worth it if you are a collector. It comes in a blue which many people referred as midnight blue tin can. Unlike the embossed signature rosette lid on the permanent range, the Emilio Pucci one has a Pucci Winter Capri print.

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My Perfume Miniature Collection

Months ago me and Wendy were chatting about her obsession on perfume miniature and she actually collects them. Brand new. As in not going to use brand new. I remembered I was saying I only like miniature cause it’s cute and it’s easy to carry in the bag. One day I ran through my perfume drawer and I went blank a bit cause I do have a mini collection myself *proud*

And, here’s the mini collection! I only get miniature that I like and that I’ll use. I won’t keep miniature that has a scent which is not suitable for me. Most of my miniature is given to me free that comes along with a certain amount of purchase. I’ll show you the break down don’t worry.


First stop. Jimmy Choo. My most favorite perfume of all. I actually own 6 bottles of these. Three each of EDT and EDP. Gotten them from Malaysia Tatler March 2012 issue. I’ve used up one each of EDT and EDP thus the missing bottle from the picture below. I would purchase a bottle when I’m done with these 4 babies!