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Review: My Current Favorite; Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Powder Foundation #03 Natural

One makeup item which I like to buy and stock up besides blusher, eyebrow pencil and foundation is powder foundation. My trusted 2-way powder foundation since 10 years ago has always been ZA. Till now I still keep a spare of that just in case everything else is cakey on me.

Sometime in March 2012, I read about a new powder foundation release by Clarins Singapore. It’s the new addition to White Plus HP range. A whitening powder foundation? Now that’s interesting! As I was hanging around Jusco 1U, I asked Fennie about this as I didn’t know if it’s available in Malaysia. To my delight, it’s available and it’s already on sale. I was given sample card to try but only shade #03 Natural is available. Fennie told me the best seller is #04 Almond and it suits all skin shade. Thank God I called back to change my reservation to #03 Natural as it looked like my own skin!

Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Powder Foundation #03 Natural refill pack is retailing for RM126 and the casing is sold separately for RM42. I think it’s pretty expensive for a powder foundation even if I repurchase a refill pack. Clarins said that this is “the avant-garde whitening foundation comes with double whitening performance which gives skin a naturally brighter, fair and flawless complexion”. So I thought why not try it?


This new generation foundation specially formulated for Asian women’s skin. The texture is enriched with sea lily; the key ingredients plant extracts in the White Plus HP range which helps to protect skin from darkening and gives it a beautiful transparent rosy glow. This new whitening foundation illuminates the complexion with a new radiance and helps the skin effectively fight the appearance of dark spots. It gives the skin the double benefit of an unrivalled whitening action, even skin tone, and brighter complexion.

A double whitening performance with “Pure Lightening” mineral complex, on application, the pigments available in the formula instantly illuminate the complexion with a totally transparent look. With the advanced technology of the “Lock-Around System®” plant complex (the combination of the best of science and plant) with natural plant ingredients such as sea lily, alchemilla and raspberry, it helps to control the melanin production which responsible for the formation of dark spots. As a result, skin appears brighter and dark spots are reduced.



The casing comes with a light pink velvet pouch. I notice that some luxury brand palette does come with a velvet pouch. Well not all but some. The pouch is too lovely to use so I kept it aside since I don’t carry the powder when I go out. I wouldn’t want to dirty my pouch!


The casing is a sleek, luminous design of its pearly white and silver case which evokes the flawlessness of the complexion. I’m so glad the top part of the casing is not mirror-like. So I won’t risk having my finger prints all over it.


However that’s not the story with the bottom part of the casing. It’s mirror-like casing and now it’s full with my finger prints :(. Have you ever wonder what’s the small hole on the right side for? All refill foundation pan comes with either glue or double side tape. When you need to remove the old refill for a new one, simply just use a pointy tool and push the refill pan out.


I love the interior very much. It’s something like a frosty silver aluminium. Something which I never seen before. But if you stare at it long, it does looked a bit cheap though.


Each refill pack comes with a new sponge. Packed separately for hygiene purposes. I’m quite surprise that the sponge is very firm and dense. The sponge can be use to apply the powder foundation in either dry or wet.

Apply the foundation on the middle of the face, and gently smooth out towards the sides, blending in towards the hairline, ears and neck. Use with a dry sponge for a natural result or damp for a more sophisticated make-up look.

I never tried using with damp sponge so I can’t tell you how it’s like. What I can tell you is the incredibly fine quality of the powder. It’s so fine that the dense sponge will pick up too much of the powder and stuck in the sponge so there’s a wastage. That’s because this powder foundation is not full coverage. Sorry to disappoint you! This is sheer to medium coverage but the good news is it’s buildable. Because it’s not giving full coverage and it’s buildable, you’d find yourself repeating the process. At first I’m using my usual Ecotools Blush Brush to apply and it looked cakey in the afternoon. After a few try I applied the powder foundation using the sponge included with dab and roll method and boy I was impressed. It gives me a dewy look. Together with my Guerlain Meteorites Perles the brightening and illuminating effect is even more noticable. Most Clarins powder foundation is good with matifying effect. This is not exceptional either thanks to the presence of micronized powders in the formula, it ensure a long-lasting hold and a natural “second skin” make-up results. Pigments which are coated in amino acids help to absorb excess sebum while preserving the radiance and stability of the color. Lastly, with Clarins exclusive Plant Micropatch, it works by limiting water evaporation and preserves the skin’s moisture level leaving skin supple and comfortable all day long. Which also explains why my skin feel hydrated. I never felt that with other powder foundation before. Seriously.

Here’s how Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Powder Foundation #03 Natural looked like on me. 03 Natural is yellow base. At first I’m quite worried that it’ll look yellowish on me but apparently I look better with yellow base foundation regardless liquid or powder! This picture is taken after work yesterday after sweating and 2 blotting. I still look as fresh as the morning when I just applied the powder. The only thing gone is my blusher lol!


And this is me after a full day outing on Saturday. Picture is taken in the evening when the sun is about to set. Even at the dim lighting condition the powder foundation looked just like my skin color. Just like the top picture, the only thing gone is my blusher.

(1) Gives a dewy and hydrate skin.
(2) Doesn’t oxidize even after whole day sweating.
(3) Brighten skin with good matifying effect.
(4) Pricey.




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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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