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GlamGlow ThirstyMud™ Hydrating Treatment: Different from the usual mud mask but still Hollywood’s backstage secret

I finally came to the realisation that I do not have oily skin at all. In fact I have normal skin at the moment and probably dehydrated at times. For the last two months or so, I’ve been enjoying matte face while having makeup on. I would put on makeup in the morning, go out mingling the whole day and returned home in the evening with a slight shine on my T-zone. That continued until the first week of my new job and then by the second week, my face is so oily all day everyday and I’m frustrated. You see, my office is like a chiller. It is so cold that I’m wearing thick fleece jacket and my colleague wore winter jacket in the office. Now that’s really serious.

While I was desperately searching for a solution, GlamGlow sent me a jar of ThirstyMud™ Hydrating Treament, which is their first new product after YouthMud and SuperMud to try. I’ve been using this treatment for the past few weeks and I’m ready to tell you what I really think.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud
GlamGlow came up with the most creative box packaging ever. The brainchild behind GlamGlow creativity is none other than the brand’s Co-Founder, Glenn Dellimore. I’ve read a number of feedback saying the extravagant outer box is not necessary and that they would prefer if GlamGlow use the fund to “up” the size of the product. To be honest, I’ve no problem with the box at all. Well, a good and attractive packaging sells.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Packaging
You’ll get everything you need and everything you want to know from the box. As soon as you open the top flap, you’d be greeted with the usual “Hello Sexy” greeting from GlamGlow. You’ll find a matching color product booklet as well. Then, a bright blue jar of ThirstyMud nestled securely in the middle of the box. This type of packaging is post-ready. You could just pick a jar up and send it out to your girlfriend as Christmas present there and then.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Bottle Nesting Inside
GlamGlow ThirstyMud™ is the first new product following the success of YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and SuperMud Clearing Treatment. If I’m not mistaken, it was launched in the US in January 2014 and it took quite a few months to reach us here in Malaysia. ThirstyMud as the name suggests, is a mask treatment that delivers long, medium and short term super-hydration to the skin. It is made from a potent blend of hyaluronic, citric and linoleic acid as well as actives from real ground olive leaf. Despite looking different from the first two mud mask, ThirstyMud is still made with micronized clay. These clay traps and absorbs moisture in the skin. Thanks to the 12% active ingredients in the product, users will get instant results after using. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but all GlamGlow products are unisex and suitable for all skin types and all ages!

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Content
I really wasn’t expecting this at all. I’m a huge huge fan of YouthMud and SuperMud so I was expecting a mud-like mask for ThirstyMud. The first thing I notice upon removing the inner cap is how coconuty it smells. It contain coconut oil to deliver immediate conditioning to the skin. The texture of it is definitely more liquidy than YouthMud and SuperMud. I was a tiny bit sad that it’s not muddy. I love GlamGlow’s mud mask 🙁

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Content 2
This review almost didn’t make it out to the blog because it stings my face badly the first few times I used it. It still stings on the second and third time. I think the stinging stopped a week ago, which is my forth or fifth use? I couldn’t remember but it just stopped. The reason for the stinging that I could think of is probably due to my skin condition. It is certainly not in a good shape and the fact that I’m currently on all natural skin care so my skin couldn’t take ThirstyMud. It’s really odd because ThirstyMud is consider mild if I were to compare with YouthMud or SuperMud.

Let me tell you in advance that I’m not a fan of anything that smells or taste like coconut. Ah well, except for nasi lemak lol. That’s only it. Coconut scented skin care or coconut scented candle? I’ll pass. I bet you can already imagine my reaction when I first used ThirstyMud. I couldn’t help but to think oh god coconut, oh god it smells like coconut or oh god I hate coconut throughout the whole time I had the mask on. It’s a little bit drama for me but I survived it. I adapt quite good towards new things usually and I did. I used my trusty mask brush to apply the mask onto my face. The mask brush comes with scooper tool as well and it’s useful when I needed to double dip for more product.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud How to Use
The stinging starts as soon as I had the mask on. It’s almost as if the mask contain mint in it because it’s cooling and warming at the same time. But I suspect it’s the Ginger Root. As you can see the mask is not really heavy on the skin. Just a thin layer will do. I enhanced certain area of my face which is generally more dehydrated with slightly more product on.

ThirtyMud Hydrating Treatment helps to provide and retain skin moisture by delivering Long, Medium and Short Term Hydration:

Dewdration™ 2% – Long-Term-Hydration with a powerful trio liquid acids that are designed to provide the most significant hydration and barrier actives to the skin. This trio liquid acids are a scientifically advanced blend of hyaluronic, citric and acrylic acids that provides the deepest skin penetration for instant dewy, youthful result.

HydraPack™ 7% – Medium-Term-Hydration with an innovative creation of specialized hydration actives such as Botanimoist® Apple Moisturizing Saccharide with natural Malic & Hydroxy acids as well as sodium Hyluronate. All these ingredients refresh and nourish depleted skin. Super-micro HydraClay™ is also added to trap and retain moisture deep in the skin multiple times its weight. As a result, skin feels instant silky, soft and supple feel.

GreenEnergy™ 3% – Short-Term-Hydration with a combination of powerful natural ingredients such as Orange Blossom Honey for that instant radiance and immediate skin conditioning from natural extracted coconut and it’s lauric acid. Detoxifying Ginger Root and pure Vitamins C and E in it is will leave the skin smooth and energized.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask On v2
The mask does not harden or stiffen the face at all and I still am able to participate in a normal verbal conversation and laugh like normal. Due to that, I usually leave the mask on for 20 minutes, wipe off with tissue, massage my face and rinse off with water. The stinging never stop up until rinsing and it actually gets even more “minty-er” during rinsing. My face feel extremely cool and soft after that and I can still feel a little bit of cooling sensation on my face. That lasted around 10 minutes or so. It kinda reminds me of BrightMud.

Now, do you remember the plant leafs in GlamGlow products? My favourite is still the Green Tea Leafs in YouthMud. ThirstyMud is not exceptional either. It is also infused with patented active Teaoxi® Ground Olive Leaf that works by delivering natural linoleic acid to help retain skin moisture. All the leafs are carefully ground and micronized for deep absorption into the skin. Unlike YouthMud or SuperMud, you can hardly see the leaf in ThirstyMud. That is because the leafs are ground to the finest. However you can still catch a glimpse of it from the above close-up jar photo.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Mask on Side v3
Honestly, I’m not a fan of ThirstyMud after I’ve tried SuperMud and YouthMud before this. It was probably because I’m expecting a mud-like texture and the fact that I’m not a fan of anything coconut. Also because the mask stings my face like crazy on the first few usage. However, you know me. I don’t give up on beauty products that soon. I must say, after using 1/4 of the jar, I like it now. It changes my skin condition and brighten my face more than before. I don’t use this very often. Sometimes once a week or twice if I remember it. On the week where I used it twice, I had the best skin even under makeup. I notice that my makeup stays on better, less oilier and my face glows a bit too. I now know that I do see better result if I use more often. I’m most happy about the fact that the mask doesn’t sting my face anymore. Probably my face is less dehydrated and it started to get used to the product? When my skin is happy, I’m happy too 😀 . Now I gotta do something about those panda eyes 🙁

GlamGlow ThirstyMud The After v2
Here are the ingredients list for ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. If it’s too small for you to read, please go to THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT for more info 🙂

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Ingredients
Sephora is currently selling a Christmas set consisting of a full size ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment, PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment 15g and SuperMud Clearing Treatment 15g for the same price! It’s definitely a steal and you get to try three GlamGlow products at once 🙂 . This set is good for beginner as well. If only they have the YouthMud set eh?


GLAMGLOW® is now available at all Sephora outlets nationwide.

+ GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment – RM240 / 50g
+ GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment – RM240 / 34g
+ GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment – RM240 / 12g
+ GLAMGLOW ThristyMud Hydrating Treatment – RM240 / 50g
+ GLAMGLOW PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment – RM240 / 50g



Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Cool! Thanks for the honest review. In conclusion it is good despite a few hiccups at the beginning. I appreciate that you share with us your journey in trying new things and not just sugar coat from the beginning. It seems like I have to buy a set from Sephora before the set sold out 😀 :D.
    By the way. Is GlamGlow in too?

    • Yes definitely. It’s a matter of getting used to new things 🙂 . My adaptation is pretty good in nature haha. That’s the whole point of putting up a review. I feel the need to share with you what went on throughout the duration of the product testing instead of telling you what’s good and good. That doesn’t mean the product is bad. My adventure with new skin care have always been an interesting one 😀 . I like it this way. At least I have more than 1,000 words to talk about lol!

  • It look different for a mud mask^^ Does it burn? Like you said, it look mild and it stings your face^^

    • Yes it is different because this is with different function. SuperMud is deep pore cleansing so a conventional mud mask makes more sense. ThirstyMud is meant for hydrating the skin. Mud is known to be drying so it’s not feasible to make it the same as SuperMud 🙂
      Oh no no. It doesn’t burn. It’s stinging at the beginning and it also has a bit of warm sensation. It doesn’t burn don’t worry 😀


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