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SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit: BFFs forever – Magnetic Wand is the best friend STEMPOWER Eye Cream could ever ask for

I was pretty excited about this SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit two weeks ago and as you may already expect, the review came this week as hinted. I nearly didn’t make it with the review because I was caught up with reading Fifty Shades of Grey e-novel and nearly go blind in the process. I love a good ol’ romantic novel and no it wasn’t as erotic as everyone said it is. Perhaps my definition of ‘erotic’ is different heh!

First, let’s admire this beautiful SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit, shall we? Not only I like anything that are cute and anything with pretty packaging but I’m easily falling over fancy schmancy idea like this one here.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit
STEMPOWER Eye Cream is not something new within SK-II. You can purchase this eye cream off from departmental store counters. The all-NEW Magnetic Eye Wand is why we are here. It features first in-the-world magnetic eye care technology that will boost penetration of ingredients and it especially work hand-in-hand with SK-II’s STEMPOWER Eye Cream. This little wand allows the product to penetrate into the skin faster, greater and more controlled ingredient absorption.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Content
I like how I always discover something within the box packaging because I’m not someone who will rummage through inside of the box. I wasn’t aware that this kit comes with a tray! I actually found out about it from Instagram. Someone (can’t remember who) shared a photo of this whole kit and hers comes with a tray. And I was like “hey I want the tray too!”. Initially I thought the tray was missing from my box. Then I collected back my thoughts and figure out that the tray is huge so it must be at the very bottom of the box. I was right. I found the tray, wrapped and nestled securely at the bottom of the box. Excitedly, I took it out and proudly display my complete Magnetic Eye Care Kit on my vanity. Knowing SK-II’s commitment to quality, I already can tell that the tray may look like ordinary plastic but it was extremely well-made with hard plastic. Workmanship is top notch 😀

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Tray
SK-II believes in achieve the 3-point eye firm-up with the STEMPOWER Eye Cream. This product targets each of the areas with Stem-Acanex Eye Complex, which is made up with three potent ingredients in it.

  • STEMPOWER TRIO Active: Consists of a trio combination of Concentrated Pitera™, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract to improves skin’s plumpness and to help boost radical firmness and inner resilience.
  • PAL-VB Complex: Specially formulated ingredient to promote the production of skin’s structural protein that is important for skin’s elasticity and wrinkle resilience.
  • Lupine-Alfalfa Extract: To assist in preventing sagging of eye-bags.

The jar of STEMPOWER Eye Cream included in this kit is a 15g retail size and it is retailing for RM367. The texture is quite lightweight for a cream product. The scent is delightful. It reminds me of STEMPOWER Essence and STEMPOWER Cream. The STEMPOWER is an anti-aging line so this eye cream may be lightweight but I find it to be super hydrating. It is suitable for those who have the concerns of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness on the eye area like I have. It may goes on slightly oily at first but once it is blended into the skin, the oiliness disappears.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream
Now, the star of the kit is none other than the Magnetic Wand. The very minute I first saw this tool, I want it even not knowing what it is or what it is for. I just knew I want it. The kit also include a boomerang shape applicator for you to scoop the eye cream out of the jar without dipping the finger in it.

Some of you skip eye cream because of the time needed to tap into the skin. Try this Magnetic Wand instead. This handy tool helps to deliver 3x more Niacinamide, which is the key ingredient found in STEMPOWER Eye Cream into skin compared to application using only fingers. It also helps to firms up three critical areas around the eye such as eye lid, eye corner and under eye.

SK-II Magnetic Wand and Applicator
I found a diagram online on how to use and the amount of STEMPOWER Eye Cream to use, which I’ve posted in this link. You can click on the link to refer to the initial post. So I’ve been following my own post for the past two weeks of trial. However I find that the amount of dots is just too much. And of course I can always reduce the amount of product per dot but I like to just reduce the dot all together 😛 . One dot on the upper lid and two dots on the under eye is more than enough.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Amount To Use
What I like to do first is to use the Magnetic Wand to smoothen STEMPOWER Eye Cream first, making sure all the products are evenly distributed around the eye perimeter. Since the top half of the wand is in metal-alike material, it’s quite cooling and feels extremely comfortable on the skin. Much to my surprise, it actually glides on the skin like a butter. I was expecting some sort of challenge with application but there was none.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit How To Use
The absorption depends very much on the amount of product you had on. Naturally, the more you apply, the longer it will take to have it fully absorbed. What’s more important is the how the magnetic strip managed to deliver 3x more Niacinamide from STEMPOWER Eye Cream into the skin. The video below shows that I was circling from outer to inwards according to SK-II application diagram. However I find that it works better for me when I do it the other way round. Somehow circling from outer to inwards create temporary folds on my under eyes. So I do it the other way round and it works. When I first used it, the reduction of fine lines appearance was almost immediate. The Magnetic Wand’s tri-magnetic technology induces a micro-electromagnetic field that further enhances the absorption of skincare ingredients when moved over the face.


The moments of truth. The Before and After. Bear in mind, eye care is very subjective and debatable. It may work faster on some other people or it may work slower than other people. I belongs to the category of people where I need to use it for at least a month. But due to time constrain, this is the result after about two weeks of usage. And I shamefully admit that I have skipped a few days of usage because I wasn’t feeling well. Usually when I’m not well I jump right onto bed.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Before and After
I wasn’t excited with my left eye because the Magnetic Eye Care Kit didn’t do much for this particular eye. To be honest I wasn’t putting a lot of hope on this eye. It’s the rebellious one among the two. It may not do anything for the long wrinkle I had, however the fine lines are a little bit smoothen out especially the area in between my lower lashline and the long wrinkle.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Before and After Left
I was more excited with the right eye. There wasn’t any drastic changes. Afterall I’ve only used it for less than two weeks. Having said that, I do like how smoother the under eye looks. Yes the fine lines are still there but it is not as wrinkly as before.

SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit Before and After Right
The downside of this kit is none other than the price tag. It is very expensive. RM479 expensive. If you look at the fact that STEMPOWER Eye Cream already cost RM367, then it’s not too bad. On a positive note, the Magnetic Wand can be used over and over again without any expiry. I’m one of the laziest person when it comes to any beauty tools because I’m always dashing out of the door in no time and this new routine doesn’t take up a lot of my time. All I need is one second per glide and recommended per eye is to do it 10 times. Sometime I cheat and settles with lesser. Who’s counting anyway? I don’t. I stop when I feels that the skin is dry. Massaging on dry skin will only create more fine lines. So that is why I don’t do as many times as recommended. The SK-II Magnetic Wand can also be used on other SK-II eye products I suppose such as the Facial Treatment Essence-Eye 😀

The question is, will you take up the challenge and spend the money on this starter kit? All you need is this kit and you can repurchase the eye cream. For me, I really do hope to see more prominent results on the long run. I wasn’t disappointed because it’s only been less than two weeks. But even I had been using it for such a short duration, I like how the fine lines was a little smoother than before. I can’t wait to see what awaits for me in the coming few weeks. Not putting much hope on the deep long wrinkle though. That’s going to stay with me till I’m old and cranky 😀


SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit is now available at all SK-II counters nationwide.

Price: RM479, after 1st April 2015.

For more info, visit SK-II’s Official Facebook Page at
SK-II Malaysia Website:


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Damn^^ I should have bought the eye cream last time. The wand is included for free! This set looks promising though^^

    • Eh yeah! I remember that. It was free with the purchase of STEMPOWER Eye Cream 😀 Can still get this set though. The Magnetic Wand can be reused 🙂

  • Which one do you like more? Steam power eye or facial treatment essence eye? my eyes area so sensitive btw i don’t know which one to choose hmm

    • Good question iQa. I like both but if I can only choose one, it would be STEMPOWER Eye Cream because it’s more thicker. My under eyes are quite dry lately so I need slightly more moisturizing eye cream. Don’t worry about SK-II’s eye cream. Their product suits sensitive skin. But to be safe, drop by the counter (or Sephora) and dab on each eye cream on one eye. If there is no bad reaction to it, it should be fine 🙂

  • Hope you will have beautiful eyes after this 🙂

    • Crossing my fingers too dear lol

  • Im curious about the magnetic wand. Does it vibrate? I got the hermippe wrinkle care massager from Luxola. Not sure whether it works the same as the magnetic wand.

    • Oh no. It doesn’t vibrate at all. It’s just a wand with magnetic strip on top for you to massage around the eye area. It helps to push 3X more of the active ingredient of STEMPOWER Eye Cream into the eye.

  • Hi, does this magnetic wand operated by battery? or does it need any current to workwith it? Thank you

    • Hi Miranda, nope nor does it require any current to work with. The secret is the silver film on the wand. Thanks.


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