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My Day Skincare Routine 2015: Simpler, time saving and more effective

I remember last year I wanted to do an updated skincare routine but the amount of product I used was ridiculously a lot so the idea was left hanging. I also remember reviving the idea the next following month and the products was still embarrassingly a lot so the idea was left hanging once again. The beginning of year 2015 is where I simplified everything in my life. I’ve always been a girl who like everything simple (except for my beauty routine) and I thought I should take a step back and cut down on my skincare products. You can say that I’m doing a ‘spring cleaning’ on all complicated things in my life. My skincare routine is the first I revamped.

If you recall, this (click on the link) was my 2012 skincare routine. I know, I know. It’s insane! I’ve no regret with what I used to use because I love the pampering session I put myself into daily. I’m now older and lazier *lol*. I’m going to split my skincare routine for 2015 into two post. This is My Day Skincare Routine 2015.

My Day Skincare Routine 2015
It may seems nothing much but from 11 products to 7 products, it’s a big step for me. Admittedly, sometimes I skip one or two products so that makes it around five products 🙂 . I’ll tell you what product I sneakily skip below.

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Products
What I will not skip is my cleanser and toner.

Cleanser – Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Cleanser

I reviewed the whole Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening range about two weeks ago and it is the best brightening range I’ve used so far. I’m a fan of Estée Lauder brightening products because they works on me. The cleanser can be used day and night but because I have a new cleanser and I wanted to stretch out the usage for this cleanser, I only used it day time.

Toner – Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion

I may sound cheesy if I say I like this toner very much right? But it’s the truth and I’m running out. I used to skip toner, now no more. I find that toner binds everything together, especially if I follow up with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and so on. To be honest, I’m not so picky on toner. Any toner is fine for me as long as it’s not heavy and sticky.

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Cleanser and Toner

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

My experience with this ‘miracle water’ has been a hate and love relationship. I said hate first because it doesn’t do anything to my skin after going through two bottles. Here’s my initial review. I was gifted this pretty huge bottle of Rochas Limited Edition 2012 a few months ago so I took it out to use. This time it is LOVE. I feel the difference with my skin. I can’t really pin point what but overall my skin looks good. My skin is now more balance, no longer as oily as it was before. The two bottles I’ve gone through doesn’t do that although I was told it will but this big bottle does what was claimed! However, this is also a step that I sometimes skip because (1) I was in a rush, (2) I don’t feel like using it or (3) I’m lazy 😛


Eye Cream – SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream

I went through eye cream as fast as I go through moisturizer. It is something that I don’t take for granted and I don’t skip regardless it works or it doesn’t work. Before receiving the SK-II Magnetic Eye Care Kit for review, I was using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence-Eye. As I was composing this, I’m still on STEMPOWER Eye Cream and I will still be 🙂 .

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Eye Cream


Essence – Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum

I don’t know what happened but one day I came to the realisation that I accidentally taken out all my anti-aging products from my routine. Thank goodness I managed to find a crack line and slot in Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum. I like this serum for it’s ability to works from the inside so I will always know that my skin are well taken care of. This serum has been nothing but awesome to my skin. I have to admit, sometimes I do skip this serum due to time constrain, which I’m not proud of myself. I usually try not to unless I’m really running out of time.

Serum – Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence

I stopped using acne marks lightening gel all together and only use this Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence to combat with old and new acne marks. So far it has been doing a great job especially on the new marks. They don’t even stand a chance 😀 . I’m running out of this serum very soon and it’s very expensive to repurchase. I have not found anything that work as good as this one so most probably I will repurchase the whole Crescent White range since most of the products are running out *cry*. Bless my wallet lol.

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Serum


Moisturizer – Yadah Pure Green Emulsion

I wanted to give this away but no one wanted to try it so I took it back. Luckily none of you wanted this because I fell in love with it again. I fell off the bandwagon with using this briefly because I have a few moisturizer to go through but I always come back to this. Among all moisturizer that I have, this emulsion texture suits my skin the most for day time use. It’s super hydrating, non-sticky and doesn’t makes my skin oily in the afternoon, under makeup. Just a pump of this and I’m ready for makeup. This bottle is quite huge and I barely used up half bottle 🙂

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Moisturizer
There you have it! My current day skincare routine for 2015. I’m very happy with the simpler arrangement and I don’t intend to change anytime soon. That means I have to repurchase Estée Lauder Crescent White, which I will try my luck at the coming Estée Lauder staff sale. Look out for my night skincare routine post soon!

What is your current day skincare routine? I’d love to know yours too 😀


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  • I’ve been trying to simplify but I recently got a few products from Nature Republic (Korean brand) and love the Phyto-something skincare range. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and has helped mine quite a bit. I think I may go back for the overnight snail mask thing. Your skincare regime sounds pretty good. What sunscreen are you using? Am looking for more ideas 🙂 I’m currently using the Hada Labo one.

    • Snail mask thing is good! It was too eerie for me so I never dare to try. I’m rotating between Biore UV Perfect Face Milk and Shiseido. Favourite is still Biore because it helped to control oil. Hada Labo is quite good. Have you try Shiseido? Everyone’s been raving about it. I prefer it for my arms lol

  • It nice to know what products you are using as your routine. I was searching for a moisturize and finally I saw your post about Yadah moisturizer cause I need something which is affordable and have big amount. haha… Cause I only use moisturizer frequently. Previously I used Clarins Hydra Quench and It finished in a month. With the price I really don’t think I want to use it frequently. Gonna get the Yadah when I go out today!

    • You finished Clarins Hydra Quench in a month? Whoa. That’s fast. Try to see Yadah from Hermo. I think they always have promo.

      • Hermo got 6% GST!!! I wanna cry!

        • Alamak. Any promo happening?

          • Around 10% discount for Yadah Pure Green Emulsion and I bought the Yadah deep pore cleansing brush. Free postage plus RM15 discount for first purchase. Ok la acceptable. haha. But really not happy with the 6% GST even though is just a few ringgit different.

          • 😀 Not bad for first purchase eh? Yeap. I can understand. I’m not happy with the GST too.

  • Yadah!! Now I regret for not getting that when you offered hehe^^

    • Too late hahahaha 😀

  • That’s a good skincare routine. Definitely not as intense as a few years ago hehehehehehe

    • I’m happy with it. Oh yea you bet it’s not as intense as before 😛

  • Ok,I baru sampai,haha
    Nice one,I also simplify everything,now 4steps only,cleanse,tone,moisture,uv screen

    • I think we are way pass the 9-10 products per routine haha!! Everything simplified.


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